What Type of Job Should You Encourage Your Child to Pursue?

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Depending on the age of your child, when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, you’ll be met with a wide variety of answers. Particularly young children might tell you that they want to be some sort of animal or magical creature. When a couple of years pass, they’re more likely to come out with career choices such as firefighter, police officer, footballer, ballerina, or astronaut. As more time passes, they’ll start to become a bit more realistic with their ideas. This is the time when you want to encourage them to take the right path. After all, a lot of decision making has to take place early on in order to ensure that they focus their efforts in the right areas. If they decide to pursue alternative opportunities like crop science or animal nutrition jobs, the most important thing is to maintain high levels of support. While we all want our little ones to eventually bag a career that they enjoy, we should also bear in mind that they need to be financially secure. After all, while money won’t make you happy alone, it can help to ease some of life’s difficulties. So, here are a few different roles that you might want to get your kid to start thinking about from an early age!

A Barrister

Becoming a barrister is one of the most well paid jobs out there. While starting salaries tend to come in at around £12,000 a year, the average lawyer will earn £45.8 k a year, and if your kid is particularly successful in the field, they could make a name for themselves and end up raking in around a million annually. Now, there are many jobs out there where you can walk straight into the position and can excel with a little in-house training from your employer. But specialist areas such as law are a little more difficult to enter. In order to land a position in almost any legal job, your child is going to have to spend at least three years in higher education. This will endow them with a thorough working knowledge of the law in order to assess incidents and put compelling cases together. So, you should ensure that they take their schooling seriously and place particular focus on maths, english and science, as most red brick universities require a pass in each of these for an application to be considered down the line.

An Architect

If your child spends a lot of time playing with Lego blocks, K’nex, or Mobilo toys, they’re showing an active interest in architecture. Sure, it may be at a basic level. But this interest could expand and grow, and architecture is a brilliant professional realm to get them involved with. Salaries tend to start at around £18,000 a year, then move on to an average of £38.8 k a year. The best in the field can take home over £87,000 annually. What’s more? It’s an extremely creative role that will allow your child to eventually take their work into their own hands rather than sitting behind a desk going through paperwork everyday!

These are just two different paths that you should consider directing your little one down. The earlier they start developing an interest in a field, the more dedicated they will be to the role in their later years!

A Nurse

People tend to think of Doctor or Surgeon when they think of medical jobs but a Nurse is a great route to go down. There’s less education involved which means you pretty much go straight into the job itself. You’ll have to revise for a few medical exams such as the UKCAT test but once that’s over you’ll be ready to start. A great part of nursing is the variety of work you do on a day to day basis. You’ll never be stuck doing the same task over and over again like an office job! If you want to learn more about nursing, check out this infographic by Day Webster.


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High Paying Jobs Our Kids Should Know More About

There’s a lot of jobs going out there that weren’t there 50 years ago. Because of this, there’s a lot more money to be made, and a lot more ways to make it a lot of people don’t think about. When it comes to the big money game, having a good job is essential, no matter how odd it seems. Here’s a few high paying jobs we don’t tend to think of that we should really hear more about, especially for the kids.

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IT Support Workers

Knowing where computers are going wrong is key for a digital world, but you don’t hear much about the people who are on the end of the call line. Working in IT alone, whether it be as a manager or support worker, can make you a lot of money as a business graduate straight out of school.

Ensuring that a network is performing at maximum capacity for businesses who are on the larger side is great gig, despite the slight stress involved in the back and forth. You’ll need to know every inch of the network, and will be involved in a lot of the big moves from a technological standpoint.

Insurance Brokers

Overseeing real estate purchasing and selling has a lot of cash behind it. You can get hired by multiple people, have different commission rates, and the knowledge that people are always going to require your services. There’s a lot of money behind issuing mortgages and other loans, so training to become something like a high net worth broker is definitely a future changer.

Insurance brokers are in high demand due to the amount of competitiveness amongst the market currently, and the fact that more and more people in moving into big cities. This kind of urban sprawl works wonders for business, and could be a great start up for someone’s own home company.

On Site Supervisors

Working on a construction site is a sought after position anyway, as many workers are no longer being trained in the necessary engineering and building skills.  With an average yearly wage of about $40,000, there’s a lot to be made from overseeing construction work. You’d be incredibly well-trained!

Wearing hard hats and visible vests isn’t the most fashion forward decision of jobs out there, but there’s a lot to learn from being responsible for every facet of a work yard. You’ll be a well rounded person, and looking for a more flashy job in comparison just doesn’t seem to add up.

At the end of the day, all the jobs on this list were regular 9 to 5 workers that take some skill to accomplish but are easy enough when a mind is put to it. But do your research, as this was just a snapshot of all the odd jobs and ends out there that can really have you rolling in the dough. If your kids are a little older and don’t know what they could go into, mention the possibilities listed here.

Don’t Apply For That Job Just Yet

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Hunting for a job is one of the testing and trying times of any person’s professional career. It takes persistence, concentration, and steadfast optimism, and that is because you are going to trawl through pages and pages on job sites and receive rejection and rejection. It takes serious courage and determination to keep your chin up.

But eventually you’ll find a job pop-up, and you’ll wonder how you didn’t find it before now. It is a company you’d absolutely love to work for. You seem to tick all the requirements they are looking for in a candidate. It is within the right salary range. Everything seems to be a great fit and you suddenly feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

However, before you jump the gun and send an application off without being ready, here are a few things you need to do first:

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Improve Your Online Profile

It is common knowledge that, when you apply for a job, the first thing the hiring manager and HR department is going to Google your name. They are going to look at your LinkedIn page, your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and why wouldn’t they? You would do the same thing. This isn’t to assess whether you drink occasionally, it is more to see if there is anything they should be wary of. It means looking at how up to date your profiles are and about how seriously you’ll take the role. It is about whether your personality will be a good fit.

Do Your Own Googling

Do not apply for a job without swatting up on everything there is to know about the company you are applying to. You’ve spend ages searching for a job, so you may as well spend ages making sure you know all you can about the job. It may be that you don’t need to exercise your newly gathered knowledge. However, it might be that you do, and you don’t want to seem unprepared. Pay special attention to the company’s career page so that you can see what they are looking for and what their ethos is. Look at their blog. Read any news articles you can find. Look at who is on the board. Check out the company’s journey. The more you can arm yourself with – the more you seem like you care – the better your chances of succeeding.

Do A Background Check On You

Any respectable and thorough employer will do a background check on you, so make sure there is nothing out there that could come back and sting you unexpectedly. A DBS check would be required which ensures unsuitable people are not employed, CRB direct make this process a lot smoother. If there is any niggling feeling at the back of your skull or a quiet whisper in your head that keeps asking do I really have a warrant out on me, then make sure you get it checked out so that you know for sure. You don’t want to find out during the interview process that there is a problem with your history, especially one you can’t explain.

Bespoke Your Application

A generic application is so obvious to anyone that has looked at more than 5 CVs. So make sure you tailor your entire application to the job role at hand. You don’t want to find your dream job, but miss out because of laziness. Yes, it is hard work tailoring each and every cover letter, and each and every CV, but it will be worth it in the end.

Following the Money and Moving to the City

You might long to be in the great outdoors, living surrounded by nature, but unless you’re able to find a profitable location independent job, you probably won’t reach the level of financial independence that you really want. To make the big money, you need to up sticks and go to the place where money flows like water – the city. While it might not have been the first place you’d choose to live, you’ll soon find that it offers plenty of benefits beyond just riches. First, though, you need to get there and get set up. Here’s some advice on how you do it well.

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Be Patient with the Job

If you’re moving to a new city with the sole intention of benefitting from a new job, then it’s crucial that you take the time to really consider the job you’re going to take. Jobs can be hard to come by in some fields, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything that comes your way. If you need to take a job initially just to bring in an income, then that’s fair – but don’t settle for anything. In big cities, like London or New York, your job will be your life, at least for a while – so make sure it’s a job that feels right.

Finding Where to Live

After the job, the next big consideration will be where you live. Remember, each city has good and bad areas, and you’ll have to research to find out where these spaces are. If you’ve already got a job prior to the move, your new company will be able to help you up to a point. Competition for the best flats can be fierce, so you need to pounce on any good opportunities that arise. If you’re looking for a place before you’ve been paid, short term loans can help with the deposit required for the place (they can be a high start up cost). Also, while you may like your own space, bear in mind that living with others can be a great way to meet people.

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Succeeding in New Job

In between everything else that has to be taken care of during a move to a new city, remember that you’re here for a job- and it’s up to you to make it a success. Of course, you won’t know everything on day one, so give yourself time to sink into the role. That being said, you’ve been hired for a reason – and it isn’t for others to walk you through your job. Apply yourself, show initiative, and you’ll make it a success.

Give Yourself Time

A move anywhere at any time can be difficult, moving to a new city for a new job and life can be overwhelming. Give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings. You will be tempted to run back to wherever you came from, but this is a normal response. In a few months you’ll have settled in, and a few months after that you’ll have fallen in love with the city!

What If All Jobs Paid The Same?

Imagine a future where all jobs paid the same fixed salary.
No this isn’t a new left wing manifesto, just something to think about.
So if all jobs pay the same, would you want to be the Chief Executive or the Cleaner? Would you go for satisfaction, power, making a  difference or a stress free life?
Without doubt there would still be teachers and nurses, even the majority of premier league footballers would still want to play but would there be a shortage of less desirable or dangerous jobs?
Take away the ability to attract workers with more pay, employers would have to develop non financial incentives, would that make businesses a more enjoyable place to be?
How would you encourage your children into a future career? Would professions such as doctors and lawyers still have their status or perhaps doing what they love would be of the utmost importance.
So if all jobs paid the same – what would you do and why and what would you advise your kids? I welcome your thoughts below