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The Financial Fairy Tales Ltd are dedicated to the promotion of Financial Literacy and Enterprise Education.

At the Financial Fairy Tales we have a passion for empowering young people to develop their self esteem, raise their aspirations and gain awareness of their unlimited potential.

The Financial Fairy Tales  is the concept of UK based author and financial education expert, Daniel Britton.

Daniel spent his early career in banking and financial services before 12 years as a teacher and school leader. Recently he has specialised as an education consultant and writer.

“There appears to be a lack of financial education and understanding in most education systems of the developed world” says Daniel. “By introducing these essential concepts to young people at an early stage we are sowing the seeds for better awareness and decision making later in life”.

The universal messages in the books allow them to be read and enjoyed by children around the world. Our increasing range of products and service include audio books, e-book versions and resource packs for teachers and pupils.

We also run a limited number of workshops and training events in the UK and overseas please contact us for more information

Please visit the media section of The Financial Fairy Tales for an author bio and press information or to contact us.

Schools and education authorities please contact us for details of our special school partnership opportunities.


Watch this interview recorded for the Book Channel at the London Book Fair for more background on the Financial Fairy Tales approach to financial literacy.


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