Amazing Benefits of Moving to Miami

Miami often referred to as the Magic City, is one that’s rather challenging to describe quickly. It’s an amazingly dynamic city that is always growing and redefining its position in American business and culture. Even better, there’s always something going on and something to do.

For those who are considering moving to Miami, getting to know some of the specific benefits can be helpful. Keep in mind though, appealing aspects of this city go beyond what’s included on this list.

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Miami Beach Coast, Florida (Photo by Hoberman Collection/UIG via Getty Images)

The Housing Options

Miami is a diverse place to live. As such, the housing options are extremely vast. A person can find all types of residential properties to purchase for their family or to invest in.

For those interested in investing in Miami real estate, there are countless options available. They should also visit to learn more.

Regardless of what someone moving to the area is looking for, they will find that Miami is a city that delivers. It may take some time to find that perfect property, but the time and effort are going to be worth it.

The Weather

The average temperature in Miami is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who are used to colder winters, this is likely extremely appealing.

People living in this city can enjoy all types of outdoor activities, all year long. The need for a jacket is minimal, even during the winter months.

This is one of the factors that has made this city such a popular tourist destination. In fact, more than 15.8 million people visit this city each year.

If someone is searching for a place to move that’s warm and comfortable outside all year round, they can’t go wrong by choosing Miami. The weather in this city definitely delivers.

Job and Business Opportunities

The city of Miami is one that has never stopped growing. Thanks to the vibrancy of this city, Miami is a huge hub for all types of different businesses.

In fact, five companies that are currently on the Fortune 500 list have built their headquarters in the metropolitan area of the city. Many others have a branch here.

The business impact of this city is something that can be felt across the globe. It’s a natural bridge to Latin America and other locations. While real estate and finance are especially big in this area, Miami is also welcoming to other types of businesses.


The New York minute is just 30 seconds; however, those who live in Miami have all the time they could ever need. Business deals are often made at the golf course or on the beach.

Even when walking around downtown, there’s no one who seems stressed or hectic. While this is true, the speed of life isn’t so slow that nothing’s ever done. Despite the reputation that this city has gained in past years, Miami is actually a very family-oriented city thanks to the culture, and people of all ages live here.

Making a Move to Miami

If a person or family is considering a move to South Florida, they should carefully consider the benefits offered by Miami. In the long run, they are going to be able to become a part of a growing and vibrant community and enjoy things such as the beach, sun, and surf, whenever they want. 

Are Tax Credits Something You Should be Thinking About? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Tax credits are a kind of government incentive which aims to reduce the taxpayer’s burden with the intention of supporting certain commercial ventures. This tax obligation is an allowable deduction which a taxpayer is given back from the tax paid within a given period stipulated by the revenue body. The most common tax credit is the one extended to expenses on Research and Development (R&D) activities undertaken by a given business. However, the research and development activities of concern should meet the minimum requirements as stipulated by the government. For instance, in the United States, The research should be innovative and experimental in nature for one to qualify for the 12% R&D tax credit. Basically, there is so much you need to know about this tax aspect and you should consider having a look at an in-depth article about this topic to get a detailed understanding. For now, we are committed to helping you discern whether the tax credit is something you should be thinking about. Here is everything you need to know:

Are Tax Credits Something You Should be Thinking About? Here's Everything You Need to Know - tax credit image

The nature of tax credits is divided into two broad categories

 Tax credit is divided into refundable and non-refundable credit with each applying in a different setting. The latter is whereby the government will not return your surplus amount but instead, it will be used to offset your pending debts. In case more money is left after paying the debts, the extra is carried forward and it can be used to offset more debts in future.  In the case of the refundable tax credit, the government will return your refundable money after clearing all the debts you might be having.

Tax credit will help   you have more finance at your disposal

 The nature of the refundable tax credit is in such a way that you will get more money after the taxation body has subtracted all the pending tax debt you might be having with it. The remaining amount of money is sent back to you in form of cash and you can use it for your daily operations. Therefore, when you apply for the tax credit, you are likely to have   more cash at a business or personal level which I bet it can help you in one way or another.

There are more than five types of tax credit which you can claim

Majority of the people are only familiar with the R&D tax credit perhaps because it is the most common and the widely advertised one by various agencies. However, there are more others which you can benefit or maybe inform other people so that they can also benefit.  Some of these include the child tax credit, saver’s credit, and many others.  Here is an article which can help you understand the various type of credit taxes which you can claim from the revenue body.  Make sure to understand each and every type of the tax credits stipulated therein so that you can make a wise decision for your subsequent actions.

The Rules for Tax Credits are not the same

 The rules governing each and every type of tax credit will differ from one type of tax credit to another as explained in this site. For instance, the time taken to refund the money for the child tax credit will be different from that of the research and development tax credit. The time required as well as the necessary documentation for launching a claim will also be different. This therefore informs you that you need to familiarize yourself with what entails each and every type of tax credit for you to initiate a viable claim.

Are Tax Credits Something You Should be Thinking About? Here's Everything You Need to Know - tax rules image

Forgery of documents or inflation of expenses is punishable

 In some case, especially when it comes to the R&D tax credit, some people tend to inflate expenses on their research and development activities with an intention of getting more refundable money. This is extremely dangerous because the revenue body will always carry out an audit after a certain period and the faking of data can easily be identified. This will attract a penalty which in some instances the company of concern can be required to pay twice the amount of the money it had been refunded to it. In United States, the due diligence by the IRS on the amount it has refunded is carried out after every three years in order to identify whether there are irregularities   in the files submitted by all the people who claimed for the refund. Forgery of the documents can also attract a case in the court of law. Generally, as a bottom line, it is advisable to be as honest as possible and also provide as many supporting documents as possible for your claim.

Tax credits are not permanents

 Majority of the tax credits are subject to expiry and therefore the government can discontinue or renew them at its own pleasure.  Discontinuation will mostly occur if the tax credit under concern has achieved the intended purpose and or objective.  It is good to remember that the   tax credit is just one of the many tools used by a government to stimulate an economy and therefore once the stimulation has been achieved, the government of concern   has the freedom to terminate this incentive.

 It is not compulsory to personally do the claim

Few people are aware on the existence of the agencies which can help individuals with the claiming process.  These agencies will do all the hustles for you and you only need to provide them with the necessary documents.  However, you need also to part with a small fee which is variable depending on the agency of concern.  This is actually allowable by the law and you can opt for it if you are the busy type of individual who hardly has enough time to run from one office to another.

With such information, I believe you are in a better position to make a decision on whether tax credits are something you might aspire to pursue in the future.

Making Money In The Great Outdoors

As much as the big city can be great for us to work in and it pretty much has everything we could ever want, sometimes there seems to be something missing which we just can’t put our finger on. Today we are going to take a look at some of the other ways we can make money this year which don’t involve sitting in the same old chair. Today we are looking at the great outdoors and some ways to make money and enjoy fresh air at the same time!

Making Money In The Great Outdoors - countryside scene image


When people think about starting up their own business in the countryside a lot of people think I first about farming. Farming can be a hugely lucrative career and one which gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your time and land. To get started you can find some Tractors For Sale, get a piece of land and choose a hardy crop to grow. Over time you can expand and this can grow into a wonderful venture for you.

Garden centre

For those of you who have green fingers, one of the great ideas that you can try this year without having to move too far away from the city is opening a garden centre. Garden centres can be great business opportunities because as soon as the spring sun hits everyone will rush to you to plant flowers and seeds for the summer. If you can install a greenhouse in the space you can spend the year growing your own crops and flowers from seed to sell the following year.

Park ranger

For those Of you who want to be able to walk around and stretch your legs all day every day, becoming a park ranger can be a great idea. You can work for a National Trust or foundation and work on many national parks around the area tending to the plants, tackling repairs and also protecting wildlife. It’s the ideal job for someone who loves to be out amongst nature.

Tour guide

If you enjoy being in the city but you simply don’t want to be stuck inside all day every day, you could choose to become a tour guide and you’ll be able to show people from all over the world around your home city and show them those hidden gems that only the locals know about. Have some fun with it and make up your own path and it can be a great way to keep fit, get some fresh air every day all whilst making money in the great outdoors.

Hiking leader

If you are a dab hand up mountains and you often spend your time walking far and wide, why not make this into your job and become a hiking guide? There are loads of people and groups who want to try different hikes but are scared to go alone, and you can be the one who provides them with the guidance they need to hike safely through the ridges and valleys of your favourite national parks.

Why Is Technology Important To Your Money?

When you don’t have an affinity for technology, it can be easy to find yourself looking for ways to avoid using digital devices all together. As few of life’s tasks will be given to these machines, with paper still playing a large role, and this is how a lot of people still live. Of course, though, when you don’t use the latest gadgets and gizmos, you lose a lot of the benefits which other people will be getting. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the importance of technology in the field of finance, giving you a few more reasons to start using the tools you already own to better control your money.

Why Is Technology Important To Your Money? - computer and money image

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Missed Communications

Most businesses hate using paper to do their work. Compared to emails and SMS messages, using letters is horrendously expensive, costing some companies millions to reach all of their customers. To cut costs, most banks will send as little as possible through standard mail, using digital communication methods to get information across. This makes it hard to choose financial companies based on their merit, when you’re only using old school tools. While some will still offer paper correspondence, it is becoming rarer and rarer, and this is something which some people are struggling to adapt to.

Security & Monitoring

Thanks to the wave of recent cyber attacks which have impacted companies across the world, a lot of users feel worried about security when it comes to online banking. In reality, though, these companies are the world’s leaders when it comes to data security. They have built their online systems to be secure from the ground up, and can often provide you with greater security when you choose to use their online services. For example, if they are able to use the web to learn about your spending habits, they will be able to send you an alert if something doesn’t look right, often stopping fraud before it becomes a massive problem.

Ease Of Use

Filling out paper forms and using letters to keep up to date with your banking is never easy. In fact, when people choose to go down this route, they will often find that they make mistakes, with the work which they have to do being incredibly complicated. Tools like MTD software can take things which people find the hardest, like tax, and make it into a streamlined and simple process. The only way to make something like this easier it to hire someone to do it for you, and this will cost a small fortune.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start learning how to better use technology when it comes to improving your finances. Most people have room to grow in this area, and the smallest changes can often have the largest impact, making it worth spending plenty of time on this to make sure that you’re getting it right. Once you’ve learned how to use a piece of tech, it will only get simpler.

Videographers – Essential for Marketing success?

Video marketing is considered by the majority of online marketers, to be the most effective method in terms of Return On Investment (ROI). Studies have also shown that a video on a landing page can result in increased conversions by 80% or more. So, it is clear that video has a big place within marketing, but is this reason to hire a professional? After all, we all know how to use a video camera – right?

How can they help me?

Well, while you may be able to create a video or two, you cannot guarantee it will work with your audience, which is why enlisting the help of an expert can be incredibly beneficial. A videographer does not have to be a marketing wiz themselves as they will have worked with marketers before and understand things that traditionally work and things that don’t.

One thing that the videographer definitely does know, is camera techniques and settings, an important skill when filming any video. This will help when you are describing how you want to portray your marketing campaign, it could be professional, fun or informative etc. Ultimately, hiring a videographer is investing in quality, just like you would do with any other industry expert.

But what if I don’t need to use video?

Despite the fact that video marketing is so popular, it is vital to remember that it is not the only method of marketing, and some people do not feel the need to carry out any video marketing campaigns. This is totally normal and a fair argument in a lot of cases, but just because you don’t need it, doesn’t mean it won’t be beneficial to you.

It can be a common case where things that aren’t deemed necessary, aren’t pursued and as a result of this, people can miss out on great opportunities. So even if you don’t think your marketing campaigns need to include video marketing, at least plan how you could possibly incorporate it into future campaigns as the statistics of its popularity don’t lie.

In Summary

Videographers are not essential for marketing success, but as the digital age progresses it is clear to see that they will be in higher demand. Video marketing will progress and will likely dominate other forms of marketing for a while. What better way to keep up with the competition than hiring a highly skilled expert to assist you. Be sure to check out the following infographic provided by J Knowles, detailing the power of video in modern society.

Videographers - Essential for Marketing success? - Power of video infographic