Following the Money and Moving to the City

You might long to be in the great outdoors, living surrounded by nature, but unless you’re able to find a profitable location independent job, you probably won’t reach the level of financial independence that you really want. To make the big money, you need to up sticks and go to the place where money flows like water – the city. While it might not have been the first place you’d choose to live, you’ll soon find that it offers plenty of benefits beyond just riches. First, though, you need to get there and get set up. Here’s some advice on how you do it well.

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Be Patient with the Job

If you’re moving to a new city with the sole intention of benefitting from a new job, then it’s crucial that you take the time to really consider the job you’re going to take. Jobs can be hard to come by in some fields, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything that comes your way. If you need to take a job initially just to bring in an income, then that’s fair – but don’t settle for anything. In big cities, like London or New York, your job will be your life, at least for a while – so make sure it’s a job that feels right.

Finding Where to Live

After the job, the next big consideration will be where you live. Remember, each city has good and bad areas, and you’ll have to research to find out where these spaces are. If you’ve already got a job prior to the move, your new company will be able to help you up to a point. Competition for the best flats can be fierce, so you need to pounce on any good opportunities that arise. If you’re looking for a place before you’ve been paid, short term loans can help with the deposit required for the place (they can be a high start up cost). Also, while you may like your own space, bear in mind that living with others can be a great way to meet people.

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Succeeding in New Job

In between everything else that has to be taken care of during a move to a new city, remember that you’re here for a job- and it’s up to you to make it a success. Of course, you won’t know everything on day one, so give yourself time to sink into the role. That being said, you’ve been hired for a reason – and it isn’t for others to walk you through your job. Apply yourself, show initiative, and you’ll make it a success.

Give Yourself Time

A move anywhere at any time can be difficult, moving to a new city for a new job and life can be overwhelming. Give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings. You will be tempted to run back to wherever you came from, but this is a normal response. In a few months you’ll have settled in, and a few months after that you’ll have fallen in love with the city!

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