Libra the Cryptocurrency from Facebook

What is Libra and why should you care? This infographic highlights the main points and benefits of Libra the new currency from Facebook. Will it revolutionise how we shop on the web or be an expensive flop? Time to find out..

Libra the Cryptocurrency from Facebook - inforgraphic

Does Being Underinsured Truly Save You Money on Your Car?

Insuring your automobile can be a financial burden. In America, insurance is the third-biggest expense associated with car ownership, as illustrated in the Carsurance’s infographic.

Actually, it can set you back more than maintenance. Allotting a larger slice of your budget for auto insurance, a product you may never use, than for regular vehicle upkeep, which is of utmost importance, can be a hard pill to swallow.

Even worse, many non-driving qualities can inflate your car insurance premium. The younger you are, the higher your payment will be. Although it goes down incrementally as you mature as a person and gain more experience as a driver, it is likely to increase again after your mid-50s.

Apart from your age, your gender may be a liability too. Being a male can place you at a disadvantage, for men in general are more reckless on the road than women.

Your place of residence or work may play its role in driving your auto insurance premium up. Commuting in a location with high traffic volume or with crime rate does not give your insurer incentive to charge you less.

If you are like many private vehicle owners, you probably buy auto insurance with minimum liability coverage in hopes of saving money. Doing so does not break any law, but it can render you underinsured since your insurance may be not comprehensive enough to pay for all of your financial obligations in case of an accident.

While being underinsured can shrink your insurance payment, the benefit may be short-term only. If you get involved in a car crash, your insufficient insurance coverage will force you to pay the remaining expenses out of your pocket.

This gamble may not be worth the trouble. Considering the prospect of financial distress in the event of a collision, especially when you are found culpable for the incident, increase your coverage limits and raise your deductible to get more value for your money instead of risking being underinsured. This way, you can get more reliable coverage and receive a discount at the same time.

To learn more ways to save money on your auto insurance properly and effectively, check out the infographic below!

Does Being Underinsured Truly Save You Money on Your Car? - car insurance infographic

11 Things (Besides Salary) You Can Negotiate

Negotiation is a skill that involves a lot of confidence and practice. Whether it’s at work, in a friendship, or in a financial matter, the goal is always the same: to reach a solution that benefits both parties. The most common negotiation is in regards to salary, however, there are many other common negotiations you can implement in your life. Negotiating a higher salary or lower monthly rent can save you money while negotiating work from home flexibility or a better job title can make things more convenient or earn you more respect.

If negotiations are so common, why do we feel anxious about approaching them? Only 39% of people will try to negotiate a higher salary. It could be the fear of being told “no” or the mere uncomfortableness of asking. In any situation, you should evaluate the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) and determine if the risks outweigh the possible rewards. If the time is right to ask, take the next step to earn what you deserve.

This infographic from Self Lender highlights 11 things you can (and should) negotiate. They include both workplace benefits and monthly expenses to help you ask the right questions and feel confident about what you get in return.

11 Things You Never Thought You Could Negotiate http://credit-n.ru/blog-listing.html

Videographers – Essential for Marketing success?

Video marketing is considered by the majority of online marketers, to be the most effective method in terms of Return On Investment (ROI). Studies have also shown that a video on a landing page can result in increased conversions by 80% or more. So, it is clear that video has a big place within marketing, but is this reason to hire a professional? After all, we all know how to use a video camera – right?

How can they help me?

Well, while you may be able to create a video or two, you cannot guarantee it will work with your audience, which is why enlisting the help of an expert can be incredibly beneficial. A videographer does not have to be a marketing wiz themselves as they will have worked with marketers before and understand things that traditionally work and things that don’t.

One thing that the videographer definitely does know, is camera techniques and settings, an important skill when filming any video. This will help when you are describing how you want to portray your marketing campaign, it could be professional, fun or informative etc. Ultimately, hiring a videographer is investing in quality, just like you would do with any other industry expert.

But what if I don’t need to use video?

Despite the fact that video marketing is so popular, it is vital to remember that it is not the only method of marketing, and some people do not feel the need to carry out any video marketing campaigns. This is totally normal and a fair argument in a lot of cases, but just because you don’t need it, doesn’t mean it won’t be beneficial to you.

It can be a common case where things that aren’t deemed necessary, aren’t pursued and as a result of this, people can miss out on great opportunities. So even if you don’t think your marketing campaigns need to include video marketing, at least plan how you could possibly incorporate it into future campaigns as the statistics of its popularity don’t lie.

In Summary

Videographers are not essential for marketing success, but as the digital age progresses it is clear to see that they will be in higher demand. Video marketing will progress and will likely dominate other forms of marketing for a while. What better way to keep up with the competition than hiring a highly skilled expert to assist you. Be sure to check out the following infographic provided by J Knowles, detailing the power of video in modern society.

Videographers - Essential for Marketing success? - Power of video infographic

Why do I need Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software?

This may seem like a question that is asked very commonly in recent years and rightfully so. Security software has become more vital than ever especially for businesses when trying to protect sensitive information. There have been significant increases in cases of cyber-attacks in the form of viruses, phishing, spying and many more. This has led to a heavier focus on endpoint protection platforms, which are a set of security tools used to provide protection to all endpoint devices connected to a certain network.

Anti-virus software is essential for protection against viruses, which come in many forms including malware and spyware. This can give cybercriminals the capability to cause damage on devices, obtain sensitive information and commit fraud. Antivirus does not cover every single cyberattack, but it is still very important for shutting out potential intruders.

Anti-virus software does have to be bought, which is why it is incredibly important to do your research prior and find a program that is well known and generally considered to be very reliable. This is important as some viruses disguise themselves as anti-virus software and end up exploiting vulnerability in your device which can provide a gateway to potentially everlasting attacks.

Anti-spyware software is used for protection against spyware. Spyware is a specific type of malicious software that infects your device, commonly thought to be one of the most dangerous, allowing the attacker to be able to spy on your activity on said device. This means that they can potentially see everything that you are doing, including bank transactions and form submissions that require sensitive information.

The worst thing about spyware is that you are usually unable to detect whether this software is installed into your computer as it operates in hidden mode. The only slight signs that you could maybe pick up on is that the speed of the device may decrease sufficiently, but bad connection could make this a hard thing to tell. For more information on mobile security solutions, check out this infographic about everything you need to know regarding cyber attacks.

Why do I need Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software? Infographic