Amazing Benefits of Moving to Miami

Miami often referred to as the Magic City, is one that’s rather challenging to describe quickly. It’s an amazingly dynamic city that is always growing and redefining its position in American business and culture. Even better, there’s always something going on and something to do.

For those who are considering moving to Miami, getting to know some of the specific benefits can be helpful. Keep in mind though, appealing aspects of this city go beyond what’s included on this list.

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Miami Beach Coast, Florida (Photo by Hoberman Collection/UIG via Getty Images)

The Housing Options

Miami is a diverse place to live. As such, the housing options are extremely vast. A person can find all types of residential properties to purchase for their family or to invest in.

For those interested in investing in Miami real estate, there are countless options available. They should also visit NRIA.net to learn more.

Regardless of what someone moving to the area is looking for, they will find that Miami is a city that delivers. It may take some time to find that perfect property, but the time and effort are going to be worth it.

The Weather

The average temperature in Miami is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who are used to colder winters, this is likely extremely appealing.

People living in this city can enjoy all types of outdoor activities, all year long. The need for a jacket is minimal, even during the winter months.

This is one of the factors that has made this city such a popular tourist destination. In fact, more than 15.8 million people visit this city each year.

If someone is searching for a place to move that’s warm and comfortable outside all year round, they can’t go wrong by choosing Miami. The weather in this city definitely delivers.

Job and Business Opportunities

The city of Miami is one that has never stopped growing. Thanks to the vibrancy of this city, Miami is a huge hub for all types of different businesses.

In fact, five companies that are currently on the Fortune 500 list have built their headquarters in the metropolitan area of the city. Many others have a branch here.

The business impact of this city is something that can be felt across the globe. It’s a natural bridge to Latin America and other locations. While real estate and finance are especially big in this area, Miami is also welcoming to other types of businesses.


The New York minute is just 30 seconds; however, those who live in Miami have all the time they could ever need. Business deals are often made at the golf course or on the beach.

Even when walking around downtown, there’s no one who seems stressed or hectic. While this is true, the speed of life isn’t so slow that nothing’s ever done. Despite the reputation that this city has gained in past years, Miami is actually a very family-oriented city thanks to the culture, and people of all ages live here.

Making a Move to Miami

If a person or family is considering a move to South Florida, they should carefully consider the benefits offered by Miami. In the long run, they are going to be able to become a part of a growing and vibrant community and enjoy things such as the beach, sun, and surf, whenever they want. 

Making Money In The Great Outdoors

As much as the big city can be great for us to work in and it pretty much has everything we could ever want, sometimes there seems to be something missing which we just can’t put our finger on. Today we are going to take a look at some of the other ways we can make money this year which don’t involve sitting in the same old chair. Today we are looking at the great outdoors and some ways to make money and enjoy fresh air at the same time!

Making Money In The Great Outdoors - countryside scene image


When people think about starting up their own business in the countryside a lot of people think I first about farming. Farming can be a hugely lucrative career and one which gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your time and land. To get started you can find some Tractors For Sale, get a piece of land and choose a hardy crop to grow. Over time you can expand and this can grow into a wonderful venture for you.

Garden centre

For those of you who have green fingers, one of the great ideas that you can try this year without having to move too far away from the city is opening a garden centre. Garden centres can be great business opportunities because as soon as the spring sun hits everyone will rush to you to plant flowers and seeds for the summer. If you can install a greenhouse in the space you can spend the year growing your own crops and flowers from seed to sell the following year.

Park ranger

For those Of you who want to be able to walk around and stretch your legs all day every day, becoming a park ranger can be a great idea. You can work for a National Trust or foundation and work on many national parks around the area tending to the plants, tackling repairs and also protecting wildlife. It’s the ideal job for someone who loves to be out amongst nature.

Tour guide

If you enjoy being in the city but you simply don’t want to be stuck inside all day every day, you could choose to become a tour guide and you’ll be able to show people from all over the world around your home city and show them those hidden gems that only the locals know about. Have some fun with it and make up your own path and it can be a great way to keep fit, get some fresh air every day all whilst making money in the great outdoors.

Hiking leader

If you are a dab hand up mountains and you often spend your time walking far and wide, why not make this into your job and become a hiking guide? There are loads of people and groups who want to try different hikes but are scared to go alone, and you can be the one who provides them with the guidance they need to hike safely through the ridges and valleys of your favourite national parks.

Winds of Change: 5 Things You Must Study Up on Before Relocating to Another Country

If you are considering relocating to another country, well variety is the spice of life. Routine becomes monotonous and going to the same places, seeing the same people, and having the same experiences will give anyone bitten by the travel bug some incredibly itchy feet.

But before you give into to those travel cravings and up sticks to another country, there are some important things to consider. Much of the information you need to study up on is readily available online. However, to get an in-depth look at the country you are going to soon call home, talk to locals. Explore local message boards like The Villages, track down people currently living in the country on social media, and reach out to friends of friends to get a vivid picture of what to expect. These are the 5 things you need to find out about before stepping onto the plane.

Winds of Change: 5 Things You Must Study Up on Before Relocating to Another Country - map and passport image


Moving abroad is a costly affair. From buying plane tickets, organizing furniture removals, paying a deposit on a property, visas, legal fees, and the first month of expenditures at least should all be budgeted for. You will need to find out how much all these expenses will set you back and ensure you have enough in the bank to cover it all. Running out of money abroad is a nerve-racking experience. It is best to err on the side of caution and save up an emergency fund before you go.

Cultural Differences

To avoid making a social faux pas on arrival, ensure you are going into the move with a deep understanding of the culture you are moving into. In some places, living with a member of the opposite sex without being married can cause social problems, as can drinking alcohol, and of course, religious holidays. If these cultural norms clash with your lifestyle, it might be worth reconsidering the move.

Visa Laws

You may need to secure a visa to work in the country you are moving to. These can sometimes require you to simply pay a fee, however, there may be more stringent requirements for some countries. You may need to have a family member living in the country, or a firm job offer, or a specific skill or qualification. You will need to research the visa arrangements that your native country’s government has with that particular country and ensure you meet the requirements. You can usually find this information from the country’s embassy.


Not all health systems work the same way. In some countries, there is free healthcare and simply working in the country is enough to give you access to their health system. However, in others, you will be responsible for ensuring you have adequate health insurance to cover any medical procedures or doctor and hospital visits. You will need to know what system is in place in the country you are moving to and make the necessary arrangements to prevent any gaps in your coverage and putting you at risk of hefty medical bills.

Getting Home

Even if you are planning on relocating abroad permanently, presumably, you will wish to return home to see your friends and family periodically and maintain relationships. Research the cost and ease at which you can come home in the event of an emergency. It is best to keep a level of savings that could support a trip home in case you have to leave the country at short notice and to prevent you from becoming stranded without travel funds.

Planning Well: How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry is quite a booming sector that largely influences the economy regionally and nationally. Working in the real estate industry as a sales agent can, therefore, be a lucrative job opportunity, that many people desire. Excelling in this industry, however, requires you to be well-informed, aggressive, and versatile enough. Success, in this regard, is measured in terms of how well you can drive sales as well as how much of a foothold you have in your market. To start your career as a real estate agent, here are important tips on how to become successful.

Planning Well: How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent - property sale image
Estate agent shaking hands with customer after contract signature

Establish a niche

The real estate industry is quite huge in terms of the range of products available. Working as a real estate agent, therefore, exposes you to a wide range of opportunities and options from which you can choose where to major in. Whereas there is no precise division in terms of products you can deal with, it is important to understand where your passion is. Among the key opportunities at your disposal in this regard includes focusing on becoming a buyer’s agent whereby your role would include finding and negotiating for a home for your clients.

A listing agent role, on the other hand, will give you an opportunity to become partners with persons seeking to sell their homes. Other types of real estate agencies that you can focus on include working as a dual agent where you represent the interests of both buyers and sellers and working as a transaction coordinator where you help in the processing of the administrative items in real estates. Defining and knowing your role in the real estate agency industry will give you proper incentives to understand what your goal would be, thereby helping you to get focused.

Know your market well

The real estate industry is quite volatile and is defined by various factors including social, economic, and political factors. These factors affect the industry in terms of pricing of products. To be successful, you need to understand the real estate industry in general well. Such understanding ensures that you can appropriately respond when the market behaves in certain ways, thereby preventing prospects of making errors.

In addition to the overall knowledge of the industry, it is important to have specific knowledge of the particular market that you are focusing on. If, for example, you are operating within a certain locality or neighborhood, it is prudential to understand the dynamics of pricing of real estate products within the area as this gives you an opportunity to be relevant to the market and your customers in general.

Know where to source good deals

As an investor and businessman working as an agent in the real estate industry, it is important to be a good deal maker. Part of the successful deal-making process requires you to understand where to source your products from. Success is also defined in terms of your ability to accurately balance profit-making and customer satisfaction. In this regard, finding a good deal from the various key sources of real estate properties is crucial.

As an agent, you should, therefore, be well equipped with knowledge regarding real estate auctions where you can source a good property up for sale. It also pays to learn more about potential distressed properties for sale in your locality and the market in general as you can be sure to find good and affordable deals.

Establish partnerships

In any business, establishing partnerships is one of the critical factors that define success. When working as a real estate agent, establishing such partnerships with other real estate agents and clients gives you an opportunity to network in ways that increase the prospects of successfully making deals. Networking with the relevant stakeholders in the real estate industry increases the prospects of your success as it may also open up new opportunities through referrals.

Establish and cultivate an online presence

In this digital age, various tools have been introduced that can significantly revamp and boost your business as a real estate agent. You should, therefore, endeavor to establish an online presence by creating a website or a blog from where you can engage the market meaningfully by regularly publishing relevant information. Social media presence such as on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also significantly improve your reputation and grasp of the market as you get an opportunity to network and meet other key market players in the real estate industry.

Prepare for challenges

The real estate industry, like any other industry, is quite volatile and prone to significant challenges. When investing in this sector, it is important to foresee the various challenges that you will be bound to meet ahead of you as that gives you a hedge and the ability to plan yourself beforehand. Among the prominent challenges that you will be bound to meet include:-

Fluctuating sales

· Fluctuating sales – sometimes your ability to drive sales would flop seasonally based on external factors.

External impacts

· External impacts – the industry is controlled by multiple key factors including political influence which may destabilize your position as an agent.

Financial shortcomings

· Financial shortcomings – you may go for long without driving sales, therefore prompting you to take some cost-cutting measures.


· Competition – the real estate sector is quite congested with numerous sales agents.

Lack of a definite schedule

· Lack of a definite schedule – sometimes you may be required to work overtime to secure deals and be able to meet your clients.

Volatile responsibilities

· Volatile responsibilities – working as a real estate agent needs you to be able to switch roles between a buyer’s agent and a sales agent.


· Disappointments – it is not guaranteed that you will successfully seal deals. Sometimes you will get disappointed by failed deals.

In conclusion, working as a real estate agent in our economy today requires you to be fully-equipped with sufficient knowledge of the various factors that drive success. Sufficient preparation thereof requires you to not only understand your market but also know your role well and how to optimize your success by utilizing various tech-tools available in the market. Also, you need to be well aware of the multiple challenges you would be bound to meet and how you can counter them while maintaining focus in your work.

Can You Really Earn Money Playing Video Games?

For those that love gaming, the idea of turning this passion into an income may sound too good to be true. However, the reality is that you can earn money playing video games. In fact, there are multiple ways to make money from gaming – some of which can be incredibly lucrative.

can you really make money playing video games? - gamer image

Unfortunately, none of these methods are particularly easy. In fact, some of these methods may require you to be particularly dedicated to the point of being utterly obsessed. If you’re a hardcore gamer who would love to make money from this hobby, here are just a few ways in which you could possibly turn gaming into an income.  

Play online casino games

It’s possible to earn money playing online casino games. Of course, this is a form of gambling, which means any income will always be down to chance. However, whilst you can’t always be certain of making money this way, you can use strategy to minimise your losses and maximise your earnings.

A great way to maximise earnings is to rely only on free games. Sites such as Slotathon.com can help you to find free slot games that don’t require you to pay to sign up. You should also look out for sites that offer free bets. These free bets are essentially free money to play with, meaning that if you lose you’ll have lost none of your own money, but if you win you’ll earn money without having invested anything.

As for minimising losses, it’s important to always have a spending limit when playing these games. By only ever betting what you can afford to lose, you’ll stay happy and not feel you’ve wasted money.

Earn cash prizes through tournaments

It’s also possible to make money by taking part in gaming tournaments. Many tournaments award cash prizes to players that come first, second and third. In the case of the biggest tournaments, the cash prizes can be as much as millions.

To win a tournament, you obviously have to be a very skilled player, which is where the hard bit comes in. If you’re not regularly topping leaderboards when playing online and playing with friends, you’re probably not going to stand much chance in a tournament. However, if you do consider yourself a pro and have been looking for a new challenge, entering a tournament could be worthwhile.

Visit sites such as checkmategaming.com to learn more about these tournaments. Don’t forget to also do your local research. You could even consider putting on a small local tournament yourself and asking everyone entering to pay a small amount to go into the winnings pot.

Record Youtube walkthroughs

Gaming walkthroughs on Youtube are hugely popular – such videos contain recorded footage of a gamer playing a game and narrating over the top. The likes of PewDiePie have become multi-millionaires through these types of videos. How exactly? By allowing ads to be shown on your videos you can make money through ad revenue – the more views you get, the more ads will be displayed and therefore the more income for you.

Because there’s a lot of competition out there, creating a hit gaming walkthrough series on Youtube isn’t easy. People watch these videos either for advice or entertainment, so make sure that your videos serve either of both of these purposes. Some of the ingredients that will help include a good quality microphone, an engaging personality and the ability to record and edit videos well. This guide at AlloySeven.TV offers more advice on how to set up a successful gaming channel on Youtube.

Get paid to review video games

You can also play video games for a living by becoming a gaming critic. As a critic, you must play video games and then write up reviews. The most well-paid critics tend to work for major publications, however it’s possible to set up your own successful blog and make money off of ad revenue.

To make an income this way, you need to be a good writer. Being able to analyse and pick apart games in an entertaining way will help you to secure gigs at major publications. Most critics have to work their way up by writing other journalistic pieces for other smaller blogs and publications first, helping to build up a portfolio that gives them credibility. You could argue that these people are being paid to write and not simply play video games, however playing games is a big part of it – you can’t review a game without playing it.

Those eager to break into this career field should read this guide at TiredOldHack.com. As with the other ways to turn gaming into a career, this can be highly competitive.

Get into video games testing

It’s also possible to make money by testing video games. Gaming developers often hire testers to ensure that the gameplay is smooth, helping to spot any bugs or glitches and iron them out. This could be a great way to play video games whilst making a regular wage.

Because testers must deliberately try to break the game in order to find faults, a level of problem solving is needed as well as a basic knowledge of programming in many cases. It could be worth taking a course in coding or having some kind of qualifications in maths and science to show that you have an analytical brain.

Testing vacancies don’t come up very often – rather than simply replying to the few ads you can find, try contacting companies directly even if they’re not advertising jobs. It’s this proactiveness that often gets people a job in testing.