Can You Treat Yourself While Being Financially Cautious?

We all need to treat ourselves from time to time, but many of us don’t afford ourselves that opportunity. It can feel particularly difficult to do that when we’re trying to save money and spend less out of financial necessity. It’s never a bad thing to try to live within your means, but it can make certain things difficult when it comes to treating yourself and bringing joy to your life. So is it possible while also being financially cautious? Find out below.

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Earn it First

The first thing you need to do is earn it. If you’re looking to treat yourself, there needs to be a reason for doing so. If you want to spend money on something nice, you could set yourself some goals for you to hit. And then you’ve fit them or if you hit, you could give yourself a treat. It’s a good way to ensure that little extra spending is earnt and doesn’t become too much.

Limit Yourself

It’s also a good idea to set some limits on your treats. After all, a treat isn’t really a treat if you’re giving yourself one every day or even every week. If you take that approach, those treats will end up simply becoming the norm and they’ll lose their true meaning. You won’t appreciate them as much and you won’t be as financially cautious as you would like to be.

Find the Cheap Alternative to Your Ideal Treat

If you want to treat yourself without breaking the bank, you could look for some cheaper way to do it. That could mean buying the cheaper chocolate cake at the shop or it might mean looking at Used Jaguars rather than new ones when it comes to buying a new car. It all depends on the context and how much money you have to spend, but the concept is the same regardless.

Enjoy the Simple and Free Things in Life

There are so many simple things in life for us to enjoy and many of these are free. For example, having a long, luxurious soak might not seem like much, but it’s a nice free treat if you’re someone who usually has a quick shower before work rather than a long soak. Or go and watch the sunset or any other free and simple joy that life has to offer.

It’s Always Possible if You Try

No matter how much money you have available to you, it’s always possible to treat yourself on a budget if you try hard enough. You don’t have to throw cash at a situation in order to make it better or to enjoy yourself. A little extra effort and some thought can go a very long way, so keep that in mind next time you want to treat yourself.

Each of the tips above show us that you can treat yourself and remain financially cautious at the same time. So, don’t feel like you need to deprive yourself in order to remain financially stable because that’s usually not the case.

How To Ensure You Can Afford A Car

A car is one of the most essential purchases that many adults will ever have to make. For most people, having a car is essential. Whether you will need it to get to work, or just to do the weekly grocery shopping with your family, either way you will need to make sure that you have something that you can be truly happy with. Of course, a big concern that most of us have when it comes to buying something like a car is how to make sure that you are going to be able to afford it. However, as long as you follow some simple directions you will find that this is going to be a lot easier. Let’s take a look now at how you can make sure that you are going to afford a car.

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The most important step of all is to budget yourself, so that you can be sure that you know exactly how much money you have available to spend on your car, and how much, more importantly, you are willing to spend. As long as you have that down, you should be able to make the whole process a lot simpler and less stressful, so that’s something that you can certainly be glad for. Budgeting can often be challenging, but as long as you do what you can to get it right, you will find that it actually removes much of the stress surrounding the whole car buying process.

Choosing Your Dealer

Another important step is to make sure that you know who to buy from. You want someone that you feel you can trust – so that might mean looking into reviews and asking around in your local area for ideas. You’ll also want to know that they offer vehicles at a good price. Most places these days will have their own website like https://www.motormill.co.uk/ where you can see some vehicle examples, along with the price of each, so that you can get a good sense of what kind of offers they have on different cars. That should help you to choose a dealer who is going to give you a decent deal, and that will mean you are going to spend only what you need to on your next car.


Of course, many people will need to spend some time first saving up, and if you are in need of doing that then this is something that you are going to want to think about. If you fail to save up properly, it could mean that you never actually make the amount you need to, and that you are therefore not going to be able to drive away the car that you want, so it is important to plan ahead and start saving as early as possible. That will mean that you have much more luck with the whole process overall. In no time, you should be driving your dream car away from the garage.

Every Day Tools We Can Save Money On

There are everyday tools, and items that we use regularly, some that we use every day, and sometimes not so often, And these range from big essential items such as cars, to the little tools and appliances such as pens and screwdrivers, we will eye on these items to get through our day-to-day life and to make things easier for us. We can all agree that we appreciate our creature comforts and that we more often than not use tools to get things done quicker. Ultimately tools are there to help us in our day-to-day lives, so should be high-quality, and useful. However, it isn’t always quite as simple as that, some of us have financial problems that mean we aren’t able to gather everything we need quickly. So here are some ways in which you can save money on your tools, and still have everything you need to make life easier.

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When we think of tools, we don’t tend to think of the ones that we use in the kitchen, but these are the tools that we used most often in our lives. And even though we wish to have the best pots and pans, it isn’t always that easy. We can find plenty of low-cost items on sale in supermarkets, and at the right time of year, there will be offers on basics such as utensils and glasses. Of course, you always have the option to shop online as well, and there are regular reductions to look out for there as well. So as long as you don’t have a specific brand or shape of the tool, then you may find you can save money quite significantly with this one.


Cars are usually essential tools, they get us to and from work, they help us with our leisure activities, and at the weekend we find ourselves using our cars to ferry the children back in for events, visit the beach, or visit our families. So they tend to be quite a significant part of our lives. So even though we may not realise it, there are usually a substantial amount of days where we spend time in our cars. So looking after them, it’s quite remarkable, but saving money when purchasing or owning a vehicle can seem impossible. Sometimes a car is a luxury that some can’t afford, but if you can, then shop around for your insurance, make sure you get the best deal when purchasing the car in the first place, such as the ones from Stephen James, and keep your vehicle serviced and well looked after. You should find that repair costs will be lower than if you don’t take care of the vehicle. It’s also worth looking at which vehicles cost more to repair than others, before purchasing it. Even though the car may look nice, and low cost to start with, you could end up with high repair bills if the car needs specialist parts.


Tools that we require for putting up curtain poles, or changing a fuse in the plug, can be low-cost if you are sensible. You can even find screwdrivers in discount stores, or a tape measure in the supermarket bargain bin. So if you are careful, as with anything else, you will find a toolbox full, for little money. This way you can spend more on your actual Diy needs, and make do with what you have. Obviously, if you have a special requirement, then paying more for this makes sense, but otherwise, choose carefully, and you will save money.

3 Simple Ways To Be A Safer Driver

It doesn’t matter whether you have just had kids, had some near death experience or you’re making a New Year’s resolution. Many people have an epiphany and want to become safer drivers. Too many of us have developed bad habits in our driving that have led to us become less safe on the roads. We might tailgate, go a little too fast if we know the road, or drive without due care or attention. To change your driving habits, you need to focus on looking at your driving behaviours and the car that you have chosen to get behind the wheel of. Take a look at these three ways to be a safer driver.

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Maintain Your Vehicle

Whether you have a brand new motor or an old banger, its vital that the vehicle that you are driving is safe. Ensure that you check all fluid levels before longer journeys, your tyres are at the correct pressure and your wheels are sound. If you find that your alloys have seen better days, check out the rims for sale. If you have spotted that you have a little oil leak, take it to the garage to get it fixed. And if you have a bulb that’s gone, get it replaced. These cost next to nothing but are crucial to the safety of your car. Take your car for a service annually to ensure that it is mechanically sound and always keep a record of any services or work that your vehicle has done.

Be Calm

It’s all too easy to get riled up when out on the roads. Some drivers are poor, but that should be no excuse for you to become unsafe. You need to be a defensive driver, taking into account other road users. Always look ahead of you, don’t tailgate and look out for hazards. It doesn’t matter how safe you are, collisions can always be the fault of somebody else. Stick to the speed limit (it is there for a reason), and always remain calm if you are stuck behind a slower driver or someone driving erratically.

Go On A Course

While you might be a good driver and you know the rules of the road, there’s no harm in heading to a course to make you a safer driver. This course won’t be assessing your driving skills or judging you, it will simply arm you with new strategies and tips to help you be safer on the road. Simple things like not fiddling with the radio when on the motorway or waiting until you are at a red light before taking a drink can help you remain more alert and aware of your driving behavior. Too many people allow bad habits to develop and then do nothing about them.

If you feel like your driving is becoming less safe, or you want to brush up on your driving, take the time to follow this guide. Before long you could be driving around in your set of wheels with a renewed enthusiasm for good, defensive and safe driving. You might even cut down on your insurance costs, if you stick a driving recorder on your dash, to demonstrate just how safe and responsible you are.