What the Schools Will Never Teach You: 3 Well-Kept Secrets to Financial Success

When it comes to Money, Lifestyle and finance, in general, there are lots of financial secrets you may never find in theories, especially in schools- these secrets are financial hacks you must unlock yourself. How will you feel, finding yourself in huge student debt, after spending thousands on college or university and still unable to learn one of the biggest lessons of life? Here are some well-kept secrets to financial success that your schools may never teach you.

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Visualizing Your future is a Great Path to Financial Success

Some financial experts have been able to carry out a thorough investigation on how your financial success can become a manifestation, through continuous visualization. When you visualize, you become clear of your goals and begin to see yourself living in the future already. Many business and finance students are under-utilizing the tool of visualization but if you actually want financial growth, see yourself as of now in that very successful position.

When you see yourself in that financial success right now, you begin to attract individuals and new leads that will drive you towards achieving that dream- this is the simple law of attraction that no school will ever teach you.

There are Many Other Income Streams Besides the Regular White-collar Job

When you are growing up, your mind and brain will be conditioned towards studying hard in school, getting a good grade and landing a job in a company that pays well. The school will also teach you to do everything it takes to climb the corporate ladder, and then save money to become richer.

Most schools wouldn’t want to mention individuals who do not follow these stereotypical routines to become rich. as an adult, you are now beginning to realize that there are several other ways to make money and you even wished you have discovered these opportunities earlier on. The simple truth is that having multiple streams of income aside your regular job is the key to huge financial success. A side business makes you feel like a boss, aside from generating extra money for you.

There is a Correlation Between Emotion and Money

When you are in school, you may be hardly taught about the psychology of spending. When you become an adult, you learn the hard way that our emotions and spending are intertwined. You will hardly find teens and young adults who can control their emotions especially when they see things they like. Becoming a financial success has a lot to do with being financially disciplined. This means you should rather spend on what you need and not your wants.

In conclusion, you need to understand that money is a tool that you need to work with if you truly want to become financially successful. You need to re-educate yourself when it comes to making your money work for you. With the help of a financial advisor, there are several ways through which you can make your money work for you as a tool in order to become financially successful.

Decoding The Law Of Attraction According To Principles Of Mentalism

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Saying that the universe is a big place would be an understatement of epic proportions. Regardless, there are laws in place that govern how it works. The universe at first glance is tangible and purely physical. It has matter which we can see and touch and is governed by physical laws postulated by learned people. This on the outset seems simple.

However, science has a way of metamorphosing as time goes on. Take the geocentric theory of the universe put forward by several philosophers, for example. This stated that the Earth was the center of all the universe. Of course, we know now that this is not true and the solar system is heliocentric (orbiting the sun).

Similarly, we are slowly but surely drawing to the conclusion that the universe is a mental construct made up of thoughts and emotions rather than being just physical.

Reality is Consciousness

Consciousness creates reality – this is one of the more important theories of our time. Although this is nothing new or path-breaking, it has just been gathering steam in recent times. Famous physicists like Max Planck, Eugene Wigner, and Sir James Jeans have gone on record stating that “the universe without consciousness is something that just wouldn’t work”.

There are even experiments that illustrate how your consciousness shapes the reality appearing to you. The quantum double-slit experiment is one example of how your consciousness affects the material world. The result of this experiment was that scientists were able to affect the outcome just through observation. This is tangible proof that mental powers can indeed impact matter on a physical plane.

Principle Of Mentalism

The mind is a powerful device which is potent in its ability to manifest thoughts into reality. This is the foundation on which the theory of mentalism is built on.

The Principle of Mentalism is one of the 7 principles from the book The Kybalion – Hermetic Philosophy which is about the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. This is the first principle from the teachings and arguably the one that is significantly more important than the following ones.

The Principle of Mentalism according to The Kybalion is the idea that “All is Mind” – everything that happens does so as a result of your mental state. Basically, the mind is an all-powerful entity which controls every facet of your existence.

The Law Of Attraction

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The law of attraction states that any person has the ability to attract what they focus on with enough mental clout. This effect is above age, religion, or place of birth. This is also considered a universal law – meaning it purports itself to be a governing force within our reality.

This is another significant idea which also has its foundation on the untapped strength of the human mind. Whatever you see in your mind’s eye can manifest your reality – so you need to keep your thoughts positive and in the zone where you want to be.

The law of attraction was first taught to man by Buddha who said that “what you have become is what you have thought”. Another aspect of the law of attraction is that you get what you give out to the world. While you might not have known it as explicitly named so, there are several times when we have encountered it in our lives.

Principle Of Mentalism and Law Of Attraction

There are several things that overlap between the two ideologies. So much so that some people believe that they are just different packaging with the same idea inside them. They aren’t quite the same but are built on a common foundation that mental powers fuel reality. If you think good things, you will get good things – this is straightforward enough.

According to the Principles of Mentalism, the Laws of Attraction check out – if you put your mind to it, you can and usually will achieve what you want. There are lots of resources that prove people who remain positive in times of stress have generally better health.

What we need to do at our end is to make sure that we are focused and ready to accept the positives that are about to happen to us. The important concept here is that you need to visualize yourself overcoming obstacles and getting to your goal.

In summary

The law of attraction has worked, and there are several people who have made their millions based on this. The most important thing these celebrities teach us through their interviews is that they too had to start someplace, far away from where they were now. A lot of them talk about the method of visualization as a prime factor to get what they want from life. It is important to “know” that you are a success before you hit the big time and eventually you’ll land up on the red carpet.

6 Financial Habits Everyone Should Adopt In The New Year

Let’s say you bump into a millionaire, who maybe didn’t even look like she was one. Yes, she had some nice shoes, good quality clothes, but nothing too fancy. You would probably want to ask her HOW? How did she do it, in such a consumerist society where spending is the new black?

Let me tell you her secret: After every paycheck she got, even when she hadn’t had much, she would always take a part of that money and put it onto her saving’s account. 

You are probably thinking that being financially stable and able to live a comfortable life requires some crazy inheritance, a lot of luck or a very successful family business. But guess what – no matter how much you are earning at the moment, a path to loads of money is paved with good financial habits habits. 

And what a better time to start implementing them, than in the new year? Here are some of them:

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1. Automate Your Savings

This one is the best for all of you who struggle to save money. What it does is that it automatically takes a portion of your paycheck into your savings account, or your company’s, famous account 401k. This way you will be sure that the money is being saved, even without you having to struggle to decide whether or not you wanna start saving this month, or some other time. The best part is that after a while you will even forget about it – while the money piles up and leads you to a more secure future.

2. Dust Off Those Bills

Pledge yourself to pay your bills right after you get them. It will eliminate the possibility of bills piling up. If there is a possibility, enroll in autopay. That way you won’t even have to think about your bills. By doing this, it will be clear at the beginning of the month how much money is left for other spendings.

3. 72 Hour Rule

Impulse purchases are probably number one money eaters. A little bit here, a little bit there… And one 5$ thing a day piles up to 18 000$ a year! In order to prevent yourself from spending loads of money on stuff you don’t need (been there, done that), make a rule that each time you want to buy something, you have to wait 72 hours before actually purchasing it. That way you will have time to think about whether you truly need it, or you just want to have it. Adopt this good financial habit and you will get surprised how many times you will decide to keep the money in your pocket.

4. Buy With Cash, Instead Of Credit Cards

It’s easy to overspend (even the money you don’t even have) when all you have to do is to slide your credit card out of your pocket. With carrying the cash instead, you will have a real feeling of how much money you spend, without even thinking about credit card debt. But if you are one of those who has 5 credit cards and quite a debt in each of them, you may wanna consider debt consolidation loan, which will help you pay off all debts. It combines all debts into a single and larger piece of debt, usually with better payoff terms.

5. Live Like You Have Less, Not More

Especially with credit cards and all those different loans, it is easy to fall into a trap of spending like we have more than we actually do. For you to start building your financially secure future, condition number one is to spend less than you earn. Which is pretty logical and obvious calculation when you think about it. As your investments grow, after a while you will see money piling up like crazy.

6. Page A Day, Keeps Debts Away

If you want to become successful in managing your finances, you want to start reading a book or few on the subject and get a piece of advice from people who have already mastered the art of finances. Why would you play trial and error, when there is already plenty of knowledge out there? You just have to take advantage of it. Pledge to read at least a page a day in the new year, and you will see how easily hooked you will get.

Changing behavior is hard, and don’t expect a change to come overnight. Be persistent and stick with it. Start your new year with good financial habits, and just watch your finances grow. There is a big chance that one day you will be the lady from the beginning of the story.

These Quick Hacks Will Change Your Financial Situation Like Magic

If you want to do something about your financial situation, you’re not powerless. There’s always something you can do to improve your situation, all it takes is a new frame of mind and a can-do attitude. Below, we have some quick hacks that will help you to change your financial situation as if by magic. Take a look:

Develop A Better Money Mindset

Start by working on your money mindset. Your thoughts and attitude surrounding money will make a huge difference to how much of it you have, how you spend it, the financial opportunities that come to you, and more. How do you go about changing your mindset? First of all, you need to assess any limiting beliefs you have about money. We usually pick these up from childhood, and without realizing it they can seriously affect our adult financial situation. For example, some people think they are not deserving of money, that they will never have enough money, that money is evil, etc. Being able to overcome these beliefs is crucial. You can also try affirmations, visualizations, and techniques such as tapping to change your beliefs. There are lots of free resources out there that you can use!

The more positive you think and feel about money, the more you’ll be able to change your money mindset for the better.

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Come Up With A Plan For Your Future

By coming up with a plan for your future, you’ll actually be able to set yourself goals and work out the baby steps you’ll need to take to reach those goals. If you don’t have a plan or goals, then you’re just going to meander aimlessly along, and chances are, you’re going to waste your money on superficial things that won’t give you any real long term joy.

Whatever your future plans, it’s always a good idea to have an emergency fund, just in case. You can look at companies like https://www.creditraters.com for help if you don’t have an emergency fund but you need cash in a pinch. Just bear in mind that it’s always better to have some money saved up.

Take A Look At Your Budget

If you don’t have a budget, now is the time to put one together. Figure out how much money you’re spending and making each month and where you can save. For example, you could take a packed lunch to work, cancel subscriptions you don’t really use, change utility suppliers, and more. Start using the envelope method for your budget if you like; this can make it easier for you to see exactly how much money you have available for certain things, such as your food shopping.

Think About A Purchase For A Month Before Splashing Out

Before making impulse purchases, you should think about them carefully, or you might end up with a bunch of things that you don’t really use. Avoid the urge to spend right away and wait for a month before buying and you might find you forget all about the thing you really wanted to buy. Money and space saved!

Tax Havens Around The World: All You Need To Know

Using offshore accounts, moving to tax havens or using shell companies; we’ve heard them all before. But what do they really mean and are they worth looking into? The important thing to note to start with is that they are all legal things to do. Moving your business (or yourself) to a country that is a tax haven, is a completely legitimate thing to do in order to reduce costs. For an individual, tax havens can offer little or no tax on your capital gains. So your income, your inheritance, and your pension. Corporations can save money too. So if you think this kind of thing might be for you, then here are some of the best tax havens in the world that you’d have to relocate to.

Tax Havens Around The World: All You Need To Know - luxembourg image



The small landlocked country in Europe has a pretty small population of 550,000. The country got its ‘tax haven’ status because of some laws that were passed that make it a very business-friendly place to live. It allows many businesses to have a set amount of their business based there, in order to have a reduction on tax. For example, Amazon has its European head office in the country. For individuals it might not be the best option, but for business, it can be a good option for you.

Cayman Islands

Often associated with many big money movies, the Cayman Islands often get a bit of a bad reputation for being all about dodgy dealings. But really, the Cayman Islands are one of several countries that that have laws that allow a corporation to be created and to keep all of its assets without paying any tax. So again, for a business, this can be a huge benefit, especially if you are just starting out. However, there can be some complications and implications on this. So it can be a good idea to seek professional advice on a relocate to the Cayman Islands if you’re unsure.

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The small region of Monaco is only around a square mile in size, so it really is a tiny principality, rather than a country. However, it still manages to pack in plenty of residents, with a population of over 35,000. Since the 1800s it hasn’t charged any of its resident’s income tax, so you can see why there are plenty of people wanting to fit into the tiny region. If you are a wealthy individual that is looking to reduce how much you are charged on things, then looking at Monaco Relocation Services could be a good idea for you. You’ll be at home with the many super rich residents, as long as you can claim that Monaco is your primary nation of residence.


The small British island located between England and France has become a popular tax haven for Brits, especially for individuals rather than business. For things like inheritance tax in the UK, the tax can be 80% on large amounts, compared to nothing in Jersey. So if you’re older it could a place worth looking into.