What If All Jobs Paid The Same?

Imagine a future where all jobs paid the same fixed salary.
No this isn’t a new left wing manifesto, just something to think about.
So if all jobs pay the same, would you want to be the Chief Executive or the Cleaner? Would you go for satisfaction, power, making a  difference or a stress free life?
Without doubt there would still be teachers and nurses, even the majority of premier league footballers would still want to play but would there be a shortage of less desirable or dangerous jobs?
Take away the ability to attract workers with more pay, employers would have to develop non financial incentives, would that make businesses a more enjoyable place to be?
How would you encourage your children into a future career? Would professions such as doctors and lawyers still have their status or perhaps doing what they love would be of the utmost importance.
So if all jobs paid the same – what would you do and why and what would you advise your kids? I welcome your thoughts below