Can You Avoid Getting Stung On Financing Your Family Car?

Buying a new family car is a big financial commitment – and it’s also an area where it’s very easy to get taken in by tricks and end up with something that seems like a good deal on the surface, but when you look into it, really isn’t – and that goes whether you are buying new or second-hand. Car dealerships and their salespeople are very skilled in persuasion techniques designed to get you to make a purchase. It’s also important to remember that most dealerships make their money on the sale of car financing, and not so much on the vehicle itself. So the ticket price may seem good, but it’s the specifics of the financing that you really need to pay attention to in order to avoid getting stung. So, how do you make sure that you are getting a genuinely good deal?

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Don’t Focus Too Much On Headline Price

The headline price is the figure that the car is on sale for. Now, this may seem like a good deal overall – you’ve done your research through a site like Parker’s, you understand what the make and model should be worth new or used, and it seems like the figure on the ticket is a fair deal. But the headline price of a car is arguably one of the least important factors here. Instead, you should focus on factors like whether the vehicle is really suitable for your circumstances and your needs. Are you buying more than you can afford? How much are the expected running costs for this model? Don’t get suckered into paying for an appearance or a badge. It’s more important to ensure that the car you’re getting is something that fits into your life and that you can afford without having to make sacrifices elsewhere.

Pay Attention To Financing Terms 

Even if we feel confident in negotiating with a salesperson on the headline price, we could still lose out if we don’t pay close attention to the terms of the car financing agreement. It may be worth considering going with a specialist lender like the Martin Brothers Motor Company, or you could go down the route of asking for a bank loan to fund your purchase. It’s hard because the financing isn’t as tangible at the headline price, but securing a lower Annual Percentage Rate (APR) could literally save you hundreds or thousands over the course of your financing deal. Consider whether there are any financial penalties for paying the loan off early if you can, and increase the deposit where possible so that you’re paying less on the financed side of the vehicle. Of course, if there is a 0% offer that is definitely worth considering. Otherwise look for a loan no longer than 36 months and aim for a 20 percent deposit. 

There are a lot of things to consider with a purchase of this scale, so make sure that you take your time, think through the depreciation of your car and it’s longer-term running costs and factor in the whole picture. It’s easy to get carried away, but if you stick to your principles and walk away with a good deal, you will have made a financial decision you can be proud of.


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