How to Run Your Car More Economically

Times are uncertain at the moment. Everything seems to be rising in cost, from your local supermarket shop to the petrol in your car. Some people are having to choose between eating and heating, and many people are considering getting rid of their second car. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how long the current financial situation will last, and that means we all better start making some changes to get through. The good news is that there are many ways you can make your car run more economically. If you are thinking of getting rid of a second car that your family relies on at the moment, you can try and implement some measures instead to see if you can make it more affordable. 

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Your Driving Style

Your driving style has a massive impact on how much fuel your car uses. An aggressive driving style which means you accelerate too quickly, brake too hard, and fight the gear stick, among other things, will cause your fuel to deplete a lot quicker. Not to mention all the other wear and tear issue on the car itself. If you want your car to run more cheaply, look at yourself. Maybe read up about driving style for fuel economy, or look to attend a class. Even if you think you are an economic driver, it may be ab idea to refresh your driving style. No one is perfect, after all. Chaing your driving style just a little bit may save you a lot of money in the long run.

Your Tyres

If you don’t regularly check your tyres, then it is time you start. Underinflated tyres can cost you a fortune in wasted fuel. Under-inflated tyres increase road resistance which increases fuel consumption. Additionally, if all four of your tyres are inflated to different PSIs, then you are causing issues with your car’s suspension and axels, etc. this is because you are running an unaligned car. If you need new tyres, buy decent tyres like Kumho Tyres, for example, which are high quality and will last a long time but are not as expensive as other high-quality brands. 


Is your boot always full? Is there a lot of rubbish in your passenger seat or back seats? Every unnecessary thing in your car can cost you fuel. So, if your car is full of a lot of junk, now is the time to remove it. If you can, maybe even think about removing the spare wheel and jack if you have them. Also, you may be able to remove the backseats in some cars, although this definitely is not for everyone. Another thing to consider is how much you refuel. It may be more economical to refuel more often with less fuel due to the weight of a full tank. Living close to a petrol station may make this more feasible. 

Your Oil

Cars need oil to run. However, if you are using low-quality oil, then you are not given the engine and moving parts the best things to make it run. High-quality or synthetic oil is far thinner than the standard stuff. High-quality oil can perform much better in evert circumstance; it does clog up as easily and can make your car cheaper to run because the car is being looked after better. Parts will last longer, everything will run more smoothly, and this can even save you on fuel costs too.   

Solar Panels

If you have an electric car, you may already be seeing how expensive this can make your electricity bill. With the cost of electricity rising, you need to find ways to make it cheaper to charge up your car. Perhaps your energy supplier offers a specialist tariff for electric cars, where you can fill up at night at a cheap electric rate. This means that you would get a two-rate meter where electricity at peak times during the day is more expensive. Perhaps you should discuss this with your energy supplier if you haven’t already. Another thing you could consider is getting solar panels on the roof of your house if you own your own home. If you work full time, then it still can make it cheaper to run an electric car as you can charge your car at the weekends for free and in the summer evenings. Additionally, solar panels, even in the winter, will make it cheaper to run the rest of the house, which can have a knock-on effect on the cost of your electricity bill. 

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