Teaching Your Kids About Car Finance

Kids grow up so fast, sometimes too fast – especially when they start talking about getting their first car. Kids may not realise the financial implications of getting a car, but you do. Teaching them from a young age will help them understand what responsibilities they will need to take on when they get one, even if you agree to cover the cost until the leave for university. Having a car will be one of the first major financial responsibilities your child can have, and it’s important to prepare them right for it.

Have them save towards the car

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One way to teach kids about car finance is to make them save towards any car they plan to have in the future. Whether this is through saving their allowance or getting them to take on a part-time job, it’s important that they realise that saving is a key part of getting the things that they want, rather than relying on borrowing/credit to get there faster. One way to get them to learn is to teach them about cutting household expenses and other costs which could help them to make the savings they need.

Show them the bigger picture

As well as the cost of a car, children will need to know about the other costs that come with it including fuel costs, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. These costs annually can amount to as much as the car itself if their first car is an older car, and they will need to learn how to work and save to be able to afford all of these things, and not just the car itself. If you want to take it further, you can talk to them about pricing up the cost of accidents, why they might need to hire a personal injury lawyer and the costs associated with parking fines and speeding tickets. The message her is that a car isn’t just a single item, there are many other responsibilities that come with it.

Don’t stop at now

For most kids, a first car will be more of a run-around, a second-hand car which will teach them responsibility as well as helping them to learn to budget. This could teach them more about car finance and responsibility than getting them a brand new car would. In the future, your kids will need to earn money in order to afford a nice new car, and learning all about the different finance options, including leasing, will help them understand for when that time comes.

Even if you’ve done all you can to put them off the idea of owning a car for the meantime, it’s a subject that will keep coming up as they get older. Helping kids find ways of saving for a car will make the end reward much sweeter for them, and will make them appreciate their car more because they bought it with their own money. There’ll be tough lessons to learn, but you can certainly guide them from a young age.

Help Your Friends In Times Of Need

Friends are an important part of the structure of our lives. Some friends can even be closer to us than a lot of family members, especially if we connect with those friends on a level which cannot be replicated. Friends can help us out when we are in dire straits and need an extra helping hand, financially, socially and with personal issues. Friends are people we can reach out to when situations have occurred in our lives which we feel too embarrassed or awkward to speak about those situations with family.

We all know a friend who we can call and they will pick up immediately. We all know a friend who, even if we have not seen them for a while, can connect with immediately upon seeing them again. People like these enable us to live happier lives and also allow us to be the people who we want to be without trying too hard to be someone we are not. In short, friends are a great addition to have in our lives.

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So, when our friends are in troublesome situations of their own, we may feel more inclined to help them out if they have helped us when we were in need. Some friends may not ask you directly for help, but if you know a friend well and have a good relationship with them, they may not need to say anything and we will know something is wrong.

Helping a friend can include financial solutions, advice, guidance and the ability to be there when they need us. For example, if they are short of money for whatever reason and need to pay off a bill, you could lend them the money. If they have not got a great knowledge of cars, and you tend to know more about that subject than they do, speak to them about the best car finance deals that you know of. If they are going through family issues, provide them with an outlet to talk about the problem and be there for them if you sense they are feeling in need of some company.

Some friends can be people we have known for a long time – say, since school, college or university – while other friends can be people we have known for a short amount of time but connect with on a level which is reciprocated and appreciated.

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Allowing ourselves to branch out and meet new people is a great way of developing social relationships with people. If an acquaintance asks you to go for a coffee, a walk or even to a bar for a few drinks you may not feel that inclined to say yes but you should really take any opportunity to meet as many many, and new, people that you can. You never know, you may meet your new best friend after deciding to join them for a drink on a whim. Surrounding yourself with like minded people is a good way of developing your social circle and well being.