New Money Book For Kids – Getting Rave Reviews

Troll Bridge cover - Money book imageThe Troll Bridge is the latest release in the multi award-winning Financial Fairy Tales series of children’s books.

The series helps explain money ideas and principles to children at a young age with a view to developing positive values and habits such as saving, responsibility, making money grow and entrepreneurship.

“To capture the imagination of children and give them an understanding of modern life within a story is fabulous. I look forward to reading more Daniel Britton stories to my family”- John Whiteman, Business Troubleshooter & author of 9 Days To Feel Fantastic

The Troll Bridge is a fun and innovative way of looking at why we pay our taxes. Everyone and everything crossing the bridge has to pay the troll. Everyone accepts this until a young boy starts asking why.

The Troll Bridge is released on Wednesday May 7th – look out for exclusive launch day offers and bonus materials!

“Often parents struggle to teach their children about money. Well – problem over! Dan’s Financial Fairly Tales are a brilliant way to introduce children to money concepts. All wrapped up in wonderful stories.” Elizabeth O’Shea, Parenting Specialist at Parent 4 Success

Just for fun, I’ve made a series of 3 videos – please take a moment and vote for your favourite. You can also leave comments below and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Video 1

The financial Fairy Tales: the Troll Bridge

Video 2

The Troll Bridge preview

Video 3

The Troll Bridge


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  • Hi Daniel,

    Excellent videos (I liked the 3rd one in particular). Congratulations on this new book. You’ve certainly been keeping busy. I’ll make sure to announce this to my followers.


  • Thanks for your comments George – great to hear from you

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