Three Purses of Gold – Chapter One Preview

To celebrate the launch of Three Purses of Gold, the 5th book in the Financial Fairy Tales series, we are delighted to share a preview of chapter one.

The Financial Fairy Tales Three Purses of Gold chapter 1 preview image

Once upon a time in the Land of Argent, there lived a merchant called Reuben and his three daughters.
Reuben made his living by sailing to far off lands and bringing back exotic things to sell. His cargos included strange fruits that no-one had ever tasted, fragrant spices and exotic coloured gems.
He typically made two or three such trips a year and was busily preparing for his latest voyage. His daughters always begged to go along and this time was no exception.

The youngest, Poppy, was particularly persuasive, pleading with her father and offering lots of reasons why she should go with him.
Despite providing many examples of how useful she could be, this time, like always, her father held firm.
“No, my loves”, he explained, “it will be a long and hazardous journey. We may be at sea for weeks. It’s much safer for you to stay at home with your Grandmother”.
“But Grandma makes us do housework every day”, protested Rose the middle daughter.
“And she makes us go to bed before dark”, moaned Lily the eldest.
“Now, now girls, don’t complain. You will stay with Grandma and be good. She loves taking care of you”. Then, after a pause, he added,
“I’ll make you a deal. While I am away, whichever one of you wins my
challenge can come on the next trip”.
“Great!” Shouted all three girls together, “What’s the challenge? How do we win?”

As much as they loved each other, the sisters never missed an opportunity to be competitive.
“I will tell you all about it in the morning” said their father, “but now it’s time for bed.”
Reluctantly, and with a grumble and a groan, they each gave their father a kiss before going upstairs.
Reuben smiled proudly as he watched them go whilst thinking
what a lucky man he was.

The next morning over breakfast, the girls chatted excitedly about what the challenge might be and who was going to win.
Reuben began to explain the rules.
“I am going to give each of you a purse with twelve gold coins”, he
The girls gasped; that was quite a lot of money.
“But”, their father said, raising his hand for quiet, “I will expect you to give it back upon I return. What you decide to do with it, is up to you. Any profit you make will be yours to keep. The winner will be the one who makes the most, and she will come on my next trip”.
With that, he produced three red velvet purses, each tied with a gold thread.
Reuben playfully weighed them in his hand before passing one to each of his daughters.

The Financial Fairy Tales: Three Purses of Gold chapter 1 illustration

Later that day, they all embraced at the dockside before Reuben boarded his ship. The girls ran along the harbour wall to wave for as long as they could, before the wind caught the sales and the ship headed out to sea. Gradually getting smaller and smaller in the distance, until it became just a tiny speck on the horizon.

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The Last Gold Coin

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What’s the Book About?

The Last Gold Coin tells the story of a young prince who returns from an adventure to find his Kingdom in ruins. All seems lost as a wicked witch plots against him and steals all the gold from the castle vault – all except one last gold coin.The arrival of a beautiful stranger brings a change in fortune, but are the people ready to change their ways? And who is brave enough to tackle the wicked witch?

The Financial Fairy Tales are a series of inspirational children’s books designed to help teach kids positive money values and skills.

The Last Gold Coin contains important money messages of saving, investment and how money can grow. Plus positive values and ideas such as generosity and self reliance.

Suitable for children typically from 6-10 or younger if you would like to read it with them.


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Daniel Britton - author The last gold coin

Thank you so much, I sincerely hope you and your children will enjoy the book.

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Mastermind Groups, Audiobooks and Serendipity

You may have heard of mastermind groups and their potential for elevating your business and personal success. I first became aware of the potential power of masterminds through the iconic book – Think and Grow Rich. Where the success secrets of many of the world’s highest achievers were distilled by author Napoleon Hill.

Mastermind Groups, Audiobooks and Serendipity - power of masterminds image

Mastermind groups work by focusing the combined skills and experience of their members to solve challenges being faced by individuals. In Think and Grow Rich it was reported that Andrew Carnegie, then the richest man in the world, met regularly with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison among others.

After reading the book I was keen to find and participate in a mastermind group to draw upon the collective wisdom with a focus on my financial education business which I had recently started. Here’s where the first serendipity occurred. Shortly after having the thought I received an email from David Ricklan at SelfGrowth.com announcing that they were launching mastermind groups for people in the personal development industry. I eagerly applied and after some time was even asked if I would like to facilitate a group.

While the group memberships were being put together, I began thinking about the first challenge I could bring to my group. I had recently published my first book in the Financial Fairy Tales series, Dreams Can Come True and I was very interested in exploring an audiobook version. I could imagine for example; the book being playing in the car on the school run.

The first member of my particular mastermind group was an American lady currently living in Japan. During our initial conversation we discussed her goals and plans and how the group could support her. When we tasked about my desire for an audiobook I was amazed to hear that not only was she a voice actor, but also had a friend who was a Grammy award winning musician who she could ask to provide original music.

Within a few weeks she had produced a fantastic audiobook version of Dreams Can Come True which has been downloaded and enjoyed by hundreds if not thousands of children and parents around the world.

Dreams can come true cover image

For me this story illustrates the power of our intentions and the reward for taking action. I am sure many of us have experiences synchronicities such as these which occur when we listen to and act upon our intuition.

If you feel curious about listening to the Dreams Can Come True audiobook then we have a few coupons allowing a free download from audible. Please comment below with you email address or get in touch via our social media pages and I can send you a unique discount code.


A Few Benefits of Teaching Your Children about Finance at an Early Age

A Few Benefits of Teaching Your Children about Finance at an Early Age - money tree image

Image via Pixabay

Teaching their kids about financial management and financial concepts isn’t really a priority for many parents. In fact, it often doesn’t figure in any meaningful way at all, beyond perhaps issuing an allowance and giving the child a piggy bank to proudly store their savings in.

Of course, The Financial Fairy Tales are based around the premise that there is real value in introducing your children to the world of finance at a young age, while also acknowledging that the best way to teach children is frequently through metaphor and story, such as by weaving financial messages into a fairytale structure that everyone can understand on an intuitive level.

Unfortunately, however, some people believe that teaching their children about finances will have a detrimental on them in some way or another. Perhaps by making them more cynical, greedy, or less imaginative.

Here are a just a few benefits of teaching your children about finance at a young age, to offset any such potential concerns.

It can open their eyes to financial opportunities down the line

There are a lot of ways in which someone can make their fortune through interacting with the world of finance, but the vast majority of these avenues remain closed to those who haven’t been trained to spot them, and who aren’t armed with the confidence and basic know-how required to get involved.

Forex trading is one of the most potentially lucrative and rewarding financial fields to get involved in, but it requires a good degree of confidence and financial understanding to participate in fruitfully.

Getting your child comfortable with financial thinking, and getting them to consider the financial dimensions of things from an early age, can increase the odds that they will be able to successfully navigate realms such as Forex one day, with the help of tools such as those found at FX-List.

It can help them to avoid developing a fear or dislike of financial thinking

Many people have a somewhat pathological fear, or dislike, of financial thinking or financial management, well into adulthood. This often stems both from a sense of insecurity and also from a sense that there is something inherently uncouth or threatening about dealing with financial topics.

Yet whatever we do in life, financial considerations must be given their due. By getting your child comfortable with financial thinking at an early age, you help to ensure that they practice better money-management down the line, and are more responsible in their financial dealings.

It can help them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age

Children tend to be naturally enthusiastic about the world, and if something is presented to them as a game or a challenge, they will typically be keen to get involved.

When your child is introduced to financial concepts at an early age, it is more likely that they will seek to apply those concepts. In the short term, this may start as “investing” pocket money. Over time, however, it can develop into a genuine entrepreneurial streak, of the sort that can transform their destinies for the better. http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/greenmoney-online-zaymi-za-20-minut.html

New Money Book For Kids – Getting Rave Reviews

Troll Bridge cover - Money book imageThe Troll Bridge is the latest release in the multi award-winning Financial Fairy Tales series of children’s books.

The series helps explain money ideas and principles to children at a young age with a view to developing positive values and habits such as saving, responsibility, making money grow and entrepreneurship.

“To capture the imagination of children and give them an understanding of modern life within a story is fabulous. I look forward to reading more Daniel Britton stories to my family”- John Whiteman, Business Troubleshooter & author of 9 Days To Feel Fantastic

The Troll Bridge is a fun and innovative way of looking at why we pay our taxes. Everyone and everything crossing the bridge has to pay the troll. Everyone accepts this until a young boy starts asking why.

The Troll Bridge is released on Wednesday May 7th – look out for exclusive launch day offers and bonus materials!

“Often parents struggle to teach their children about money. Well – problem over! Dan’s Financial Fairly Tales are a brilliant way to introduce children to money concepts. All wrapped up in wonderful stories.” Elizabeth O’Shea, Parenting Specialist at Parent 4 Success

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Video 1

The financial Fairy Tales: the Troll Bridge

Video 2

The Troll Bridge preview

Video 3

The Troll Bridge