Traditional Fables And Their Money Lessons

Traditional Fables And Their Money Lessons - story book image

There are lots of fairy tales and fables that can teach children about how they should lead their lives. Even classic Disney films are filled with lessons that children can pick up on. Most of these tales teach children how to deal with difficult decisions and social situations. But there are also some that can teach kids the importance of looking after their money. Here are just a few of them.

The Boy With The Nuts

One day, a young boy finds an open jar that is filled with lots of different nuts. He plunges his hand inside and grabs as many nuts as he possibly can. He then tries to pull his hand out of the jar but finds that it gets stuck. His hand, when filled with all the nuts, is too large to come out of the opening. A passing man sees what is happening and tells the boy that he would be able to get his hand out if he were satisfied with less.

What can kids learn from this tale? The main lesson is that it’s perfectly fine to think big, but you shouldn’t try and grab everything at once. This can apply to your financial goals. Rather than focusing on one large end goal, you should set yourself smaller, more achievable targets.

The Old Miser

Once upon a time, there lived an old miser who sells all of his possessions in exchange for one lump of gold. To keep his gold safe, he buries it in his garden. Someone who works for the old miser sees him bury the gold and then, once the miser is asleep, he goes outside and digs it up. When the man wakes the next day, he finds that his gold has gone. When he complains to his neighbor, the neighbor says he shouldn’t be so upset as he didn’t do anything useful with the gold.

The main lesson to take from this is that it’s important to put your money to good use. Otherwise, you might end up with a bad credit rating and could end up becoming financially dependent on installment loans for people with bad credit or other types of financing. Whenever you have any spare money, you need to save it in a high-interest savings account so that it grows for you.

The Inattentive Deer

One day, a deer is feeding on the coast. She is worried that a farmer will come through the field and shoot her, so she feeds with her back to the sea so that she can keep an eye on the fields. However, while she is so focused on the fields, she doesn’t notice some fishermen come from the sea and throw their net over her.

From this fable, children can learn that it is important to stay focused on all of their future investments. Don’t overcompensate on one by only taking notice of that one. Otherwise, your others might suffer!

Fables and fairy tales are a lot more than just fun stories. Most have some very important financial lesson hidden within them!

Money Lessons for Kids from The Last Gold Coin

The third book in the Financial Fairy Tales series is The Last Gold Coin. The story revolves around a prince who  inherits a once prosperous kingdom close to ruin. The people look for others to blame and lack the skills or desire to take responsibility. While a simple act of kindness has magical consequences for the prince and his future.

In many ways its a case of life imitating art with the recent financial troubles in Ireland, Greece and other places around the world.

Enjoy this exclusive sample followed by ideas to help your children learn about money:

The Kingdom of Arum was a prosperous land full of gold.  The citizens spent their lives digging the precious metal from the ground and filling their vaults with  treasure.

As gold was very valuable, the people of Arum found themselves wealthy, although many of them became greedy and selfish. 

They always spent and never saved. Worse, they never shared their wealth.  There was always more gold to be found in the ground, so the people had few worries.

Until one day the gold ran out!

Not even King Henry, the most skilled miner in the Kingdom, could find a single nugget of the precious metal.

Thankfully, King Henry and his wife, Queen Alice, were wise.  They advised their citizens to save their gold and use it sparingly. 

The people of Arum didn’t listen; they frittered away their wealth until they had nothing left.

King Henry was saddened by his people’s carelessness.  He gave away a lot of his money but every day the people returned to the castle gates, begging for more.

He was determined that his only son, Prince Leon, would never become so foolish.  He taught Leon how to save his money and how to bargain well.  He taught him how to share his money with those in need, who wouldn’t waste it. 

He wanted to be sure that one day his son would be a wise ruler. So Henry sent Leon to explore the Land of Argent, instructing him to come back in a year’s time.  It was King Henry’s hope that his son would learn the ways of the neighbouring  Kingdoms and thus learn how to reverse the folly that overcame Arum.

Prince Leon travelled the world with one purse of gold, spending it only when  necessary.  He bought food and shelter and was content to live simply.   During his travels, he learned many valuable skills, how to farm, to weave and to carve wood.  When the year came to a close, he headed home.

When he was only a day’s journey away from Arum, he came across a frail old woman.  She sat in tattered clothing against the side of an inn, holding an empty cup.

“Please sir, I’ve been robbed.  Could you spare a coin so I can eat?”

Although she asked several people, everyone passed her by. 

Prince Leon noticed the bruises on her face and the hole in her purse and realised the woman spoke the truth and really did need his help.  So, he placed his last three coins in her cup.

The wizened lady held his hand in hers and, to his surprise, she transformed. The old woman turned into a beautiful maiden before his eyes and she blessed him before disappearing into the night.

Key Money Lessons for Children

Money Management—the importance of saving and paying yourself first

Diversification—generating multiple streams of income

Responsibility—take charge of your own financial future

Learn Money Making Skills—follow successful examples

Charity—there is always someone less  fortunate than yourself

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