Minimising Risk and Cost When You’re Out On The Roads

Driving in winter definitely comes with extra risks that aren’t a problem during the rest of the year. Rain, snow, and ice all cause slippery road surfaces meaning it’s easy to lose control or take longer to brake which is a big issue when it comes to emergencies. So being cautious on the roads is more important than ever, not only for your safety but for your finances too since car troubles can be extremely costly! Here’s how you can save cash while minimizing risk when you’re out on the roads.

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Do Regular Vehicle Checks

Don’t just wait until your MOT to check if your vehicle is safe. There are checks that you should be doing all throughout the year (particularly before long journeys) to make sure everything is in full working order. Your wipers should clear your windscreen properly so that visibility isn’t reduced in the rain, all of your vehicle fluid levels should be above the minimum line, and the brakes should feel firm and slow down the car properly. Having some de-icer, a warning triangle and a hi-vis vest in car is useful in case of an emergency. The tyres on your vehicle should also be a priority, they should have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm- any lower than this and you’re breaking the law. But to go a step further, invest in some winter tyres which give the best grip when the ground is slippery. Any problems with your car can hugely increase the chance of an accident. Whether another car or property is involved, if it’s deemed to be your fault due to neglecting to maintain your car you will be stuck with some costly repairs to fork out for. Sometimes it’s not clear cut who was at fault in an accident, if you believe you have been wrongly accused then you could visit a lawyer’s website such as https://www.warriorsforjustice.com/ for more information.

Consider Breakdown Cover

We all know how expensive car repairs are, and breaking down is a nightmare just about every car owner will face now and again. But you can cushion the blow by investing in breakdown cover. These companies will first try to fix your car on the roadside, but if not will tow you to a local garage. If you buy cover up front, it works out a lot cheaper than having to book an emergency breakdown visit, so it’s always worth being covered just in case. Make sure the company offers 24/7 and 365 days a year service to give you full peace of mind.

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Only Make Essential Journeys

In bad weather conditions- snow, ice, fog- only make journeys if you absolutely have to. It goes without saying that the more you’re out in these circumstances, the more likely you are to have an accident. Could you walk instead of drive, or skip that social meet with friends until the weather has cleared? Sometimes it’s unavoidable, and you need to drive, but think carefully. Be extra cautious, keep your wits about you and always maintain a safe separation distance since it will take you longer than usual to brake.

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