Business lessons from Steve Jobs

I’ve just finished reading the excellent biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson and had several big ah ha takeaways which I wanted to share.

Firstly Jobs was a perfectionist, obsessive about detail. He wanted customers to have a great experience in not only using an Apple product but even in taking it out of its box. The design and feel of the packaging was created to give the user the impression of quality and ‘specialness’. It made me think that we sometimes put all the effort in making the sale, but miss the opportunity to show the same level of care and attention to detail in the packaging.

Secondly when he accepted the diagnosis that he may not have long to live, rather than staying home and feeling sorry for himself or taking time out to recuperate, Jobs redoubled his efforts at work. His thinking was that if there was only a little time left better spend it doing what you love. Made me think how much time we may waste in jobs or situations that we aren’t loving and how much happier and fulfilled we would be if we committed to living our passions.

The book does not portray Jobs as a saint, but certainly a genius in many different ways.