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Online or In-Person: Which Loan Access Best Suits Your Needs?

Millions of people are faced with financial circumstances that they are not ready for, causing them to seek outside sources for help paying for their obligations or needs.  With the number of people in need of financial help increasing by the day, businesses specializing in different types of loans have been becoming more readily available as well.

Online or In-Person: Which Loan Access Best Suits Your Needs - lending image

Today someone in need of a loan can choose from a multitude of different options, from unsecured small personal loans to larger, secured loans for big purchases.  In addition to this abundance of selections, potential borrowers can also apply in person or online at their convenience, 24 hours a day.

Before you decide that you are ready to apply for a loan, however, you need to decide which type is the best one for your financial needs.  Look over all of your options before signing on the dotted line: there may be a better route to fix your current situation than the one you are currently in process with or thinking about getting.

The Ease – and Dangers – of Online Loans

Mobile apps and online stores have gotten us used to convenient shopping at the click of a button.  We rarely have to interact with anyone, choosing instead to complete the buying process impersonally without pushy sales people or outside opinions.

Online loan shopping is similar.  You can apply for a personal loan through your phone, laptop, or tablet any time of day or night, any day of the year.  Many people prefer this route because they don’t have to fear rejection – if you are not approved for one loan, you can move on to the next, but this constant checking of your credit can silently impact your score without you even realizing it.

On the other hand, using online loan review sites like https://loanreviewhq.com/lender/net-credit-review/ can give you immediate access to loan calculators to help you estimate your monthly payments based on the amount you want to borrow before you go any further in the process.

These online sites also are transparent about their loan criteria and repayment terms, helping you to get all of the information you need before you make a decision about which type of loan you want to take out and how much you should borrow.

Customer service for online sites varies depending on the company.  Some places have direct contact through customer service center chats, while others require you to make a phone call if you have any questions, often at specific times of the day when their office has their working hours.  Many of these loan specialists are located outside of the United States, so when you are online shopping for a loan you may not receive customized service that is individualized based on your needs.

Applying for a Loan in Person

This may seem inconvenient to those consumers who are used to immediate service, but there are definitely benefits to applying physically at a bank or consumer loan business.  Sitting down one-on-one with a customer service specialist can help you understand your options and seek out a loan that is tailored to your needs.

However, loan shopping in person has drawbacks to it as well.  While online loan applications can be done at your convenience, using an in-person service means that you are limited to when you can apply.  You may have to set an appointment, travel to the location, take time off of work, and consider a number of inconvenient factors that make applying in person more cumbersome than looking online.

In addition to the scheduling inconveniences, sitting down in person to complete the paperwork necessary for your loan to be approved may require documents that you forgot or did not realize that you needed.  Before your loan can be processed, you would have to return home, retrieve the missing papers, and return to the bank.

Another downside of in-person loans is that you only have access to the information that your loan specialist gives you.  That means you have to take at face value the interest rates and repayment terms that you will be responsible for.  Searching online allows you to compare rates and terms, giving you the opportunity to get the best possible deal on your loan.

Types of Personal Loan Options

There are two main types of loans:  secured and unsecured.  However, underneath that umbrella of terms there are more specific types that you should understand before you decide which one is right for you.

To start, unsecured loans are the most common for smaller purchases.  These loans do not require you to put any of your personal property up for collateral and simply rely on your financial information and your credit score to determine whether or not you qualify and what your interest rate will be.

Secured loans are more common with large purchases, such as opening a business.  These loans do require collateral, often in the form of your home, your car, CDs or savings accounts, or other valuable items that you own.

Personal loans are often unsecured.  These can be obtained in a variety of ways.  Fixed rate personal loans have interest rates that are the same throughout the terms of the loan.  Variable rate loans have interest rates that may fluctuate up or down based on a predetermined schedule.  They may have a cap of how much each adjustment can change, but it’s usually not in the consumer’s favor.  Installment loans are generally fixed-rates, while credit cards or lines of credit tend to be variable rates.

Installment loans are small loans obtained for a specific amount, at which time terms are agreed upon for a specific monthly payment to be made to repay the debt over a scheduled period.  These can be secured or unsecured and often include such purchases as mortgages, automobile financing, and basic personal loans.

Line of credit loans are often used for large expenses such as home repairs, medical expenses, or college tuition.  In a line of credit, you are allotted a certain fund amount, which you can use, repay, and use again until the time period of the loan has run out, by which time you should have paid the entire amount in full.

Another option for borrowing money is a short term loan.  These tend to have higher interest rates, more fees, and more stringent repayment terms.  They are often called payday loans and are used by people who need access to immediate cash without a lot of credit checking and paperwork.  Other short terms loans can be secured by property, such as the title of your vehicle.  While there are fewer fees involved, failure to repay these loans can result in the loss of your personal property.

A very common way to borrow money is through credit cards.  With a credit card you have immediate access to the credit limit, as long as you are paying your monthly payment regularly.  Your interest rates are based on your credit score and can be fixed or variable.  Your monthly payment is usually based on a percentage of your balance versus your maximum credit limit.  Keeping your balances high can impact your credit score negatively, however, and having multiple credit cards with high balance to limit ratios will often cause your interest rates to rise.

In addition to making immediate purchases of goods and services, credit cards are also used for cash advances.  In these, you have access to cash up to a certain amount depending on your maximum benefits, but cash advances tend to have higher interest rates attached to them.

People also use credit cards to transfer their balances from one loan with high interest rates to another card that may have lower rates or better repayment terms.  Some credit cards also offer rewards for balance transfers or purchases.  However, before you choose a balance transfer, be sure to compare the options available, fees that may be incurred, and introductory rates versus long-term rates in case you are not able to pay off your balance within the initial period of time.

Watch for These Features in Your Loan

No matter what type of loan you are borrowing, you need to know that your lender is reputable and your terms are reasonable.  Your rates should be competitive and your repayment terms should be flexible.  Check for fixed-rate interests, which stay the same throughout the life of the loan, versus adjustable-rates, which may start out low but then balloon up if you have not paid your balance by a preset date.

Be careful of hidden terms, as well.  Some companies will charge you a hefty fee if you pay off your loan early.  They also may charge processing fees and other hidden numbers, adding them onto the balance that you owe and charging you interest on the already high fees.

Regardless of the loan you choose or how you go about applying – either online or in-person – there are pros and cons to each of them.  Do your research and analyze each type of loan before deciding on the one that is right for you, and comparison shop for the best repayment terms and interest rates that you can be approved for.



You Could Be Entitled To These…

People often think that they’re entitled to a lot more than they actually are. It’s a common issue that the wider public seems to have, and it’s an issue that doesn’t seem to be dying out. However, for all of the things that we’re really not entitled to in this world, there are some that we just might be. We’re talking about money here, and there are plenty of opportunities that you might be missing out on, just because you don’t think you’re eligible. Now, when money is such a rare thing to have it would seem, you’re obviously going to want to know all of the things that you might actually be entitled to. So, we’ve cut out a bit of the hard work for you, and we’ve picked out some ways that some of you are going to be entitled to getting a bit of extra money, without you necessarily having to do much about it!

You Could Be Entitled To These... - money growing in your hands image

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Management Rights

If you haven’t explored the revenue that management rights could give you, then we really think you should start looking into them now. They’re the perfect way for you to make more money, without having to go far, or even do too much work. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s where you buy the rights to the management and maintenance of a building, usually a block of apartments or a business offices. You then have the right to maintain the building, and make a profit from it. Whether it’s you that’s maintaining the building or not, you’re still going to be making a profit from it, think of it as a mini business investment. There are plenty of buildings dotted around, some are probably in your local area. But they will all differ in the revenue that it’ll allow you to make, so make sure that you’re picking the one that’s best going to suit you. Management rights for sale isn’t a common venture to most of you, so you know you won’t have competition. It’s not like a business, where you do have to compete to get your revenue, it’s just your own little way of making money, but you do obviously have to put a lot of time and attention into maintaining the building. All complaints would come to you as well, so it’s wise that you develop some of your customer service skills, as well as your knowledge as to what goes into maintaining a business.

Salary Increases

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. That’s one of the main mottos you should live by in life. With work, some places of work are going to support you, increase pay, increase opportunities etc. Some places of work are going to be the exact opposite. It’s very much a world of favouritism, business, so you need to learn to ask for what you want in some circumstances. If you know that someone who is doing the same role as you, and has worked there for a similar amount of time, is getting paid more than you, it’s likely that you’re due a pay rise! However, you need to make sure you’re being smart about this. If you go to your manager and say that you know how much someone else is on, you could get the both of you in trouble for speaking about your wages. It should tell you in your contract whether this is forbidden or not. Rather than walking up to them and saying you know how much this person is on, tell them that you feel you deserve a pay rise due to your hard work, and your commitment to the company. You also might be due a salary increase if your contract says that you’re allowed an increase every so often. It’s often overlooked, because we’re sure that there aren’t many of you that have actually read the fine print of their contract. But if you look, a lot of them will say that you’re entitled to yearly increases, or even just a bonus. It might be something that’s worth checking out, if you still have a contract.

Money Back

Think about the purchases that you’ve made over the years. We’re not just talking about the ones that you’ve made during your weekly shop, we’re talking about the big spenders, such as your bills. Each time you take out a contract with a new bill, you’ll be given a quote for the amount of money that you’ll need to pay each month. If this is fixed, there could be a chance that you’re actually overspending, meaning the company you’re with should be giving you some money back. But as much as companies like taking your money, they don’t like giving it back, so this might be something that you’re going to have to dig deeper about. Some companies however, will give you a refund when the end of your agreement runs out, but it’s always good to chase things up to make sure that you’re getting what your entitled to.

Car Insurance Reductions

If your car insurance premium is about to expire, then we know you’re going to have either had a renewal letter or email, stating what price that company is prepared to give you. This price should not be listened to. Half of the time, you’ll find that the quote they’ll send you will be even higher than the price you’re paying at the minute, even though you’ve done nothing to suggest that the price should go up! It makes no sense to us, but we do know that you shouldn’t listen to your renewal price. Always make sure you’re using different comparison websites to make sure that you’re getting the best deal that you possibly can. It might also be worth ringing up the company you’re currently with, and asking them why your renewal price is so high. You can also say you’ve had quotes for a certain amount, and they might be inclined to reduce their offer to match the others that you’ve received

So, you’re entitled to more than you think you are, aren’t you! Make sure that you always chase down money opportunities that’ll benefit you!

Getting the Car of Your Dreams at a Minimal Cost

Getting the Car of Your Dreams at a Minimal Cost - car image

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There are likely to be several times in your life that you will find yourself on the hunt for a new car. Perhaps you’re searching for your first vehicle. Maybe you already have a vehicle but are looking for something different or updated. You might have come to the end of a finance agreement and want something to replace your current vehicle when you trade it in. Whatever your reason, chances are that you’re going to want to keep the costs incurred through this process to a minimum. So, here are a few different things that you might want to do in order to get the car of your dreams for a minimal cost.

Use a Dealership

When purchasing a vehicle, you tend to have a few different options on your hands. Now, people tend to think the cheapest option when purchasing a vehicle is to opt for a second hand car from a private dealer. This tends to involve communicating directly with the car’s current owner. Now, cars sold in this manner do usually have a much lower price tag attached to them than a brand new vehicle will. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the cheapest option overall. First of all, private sellers aren’t always honest. They are much more likely to ignore flaws with the vehicle and only promote its positive aspects. You could find yourself taking a vehicle home that is actually a little worse for wear and may require a lot of work to be carried out on it in a month or two’s time. Instead, you should consider purchasing a car through a dealership. This means you have strong consumer rights, face to face customer service, allows you to see and test drive the car and also often allows you the option to part-exchange your current vehicle. A Mercedes Dealership will have a range of Mercedes like no other, with endless options of designs, colors, interiors and added extras. They will also have a legal responsibility to provide the car in perfect condition and you’re also likely to get some sort of warranty attached. This is safer and saves you costs in the long run!

Consider a Lower Engine Size

Most cars come with the option of different engine sizes. The larger the engine, the more fuel the vehicle is going to consume and the more it’s going to cost you to get from A to B in it. You are also likely to have to spend more money on road tax for a vehicle with a bigger engine. So, if possible, opt for the smaller engine size. This could save you a lot as time goes by!

These are just two different ways to minimise the costs involved in obtaining the car of your dreams. You may not stumble across the right vehicle straight away, so be prepared to dedicate a little time to searching the market and finding the best deal possible!

Borrowing Wisely: What to look for in a Loan Service

No matter how well prepared we think we are, life tends to throw us curve balls that can severely impact our financial well-being. You can lose your job, have to deal with an expensive building repair, or have to fix a broken car. If you have nothing in the bank, these unforeseen events can be challenging to cope with and can leave you in a bind financially. Martin Lewis, the founder of moneysavingexpert.com, recommends having an emergency fund that will cover at least six months’ worth of bills. Unfortunately, this takes time, but if you need money now, a short-term loan might be the answer. When looking for a short-term loan, there are several things to look for before choosing your lender.

Borrowing Wisely: What to look for in a Loan Service - unexpected bills image

Make Sure They’re Licensed

Anyone can create a professional looking website these days. This makes it extremely easy for companies to set up a new site and start offering online short-term loans. However, they might not be licensed to do so legally. The first steps for you to weed out these kinds of scams is to only deal with companies that are licensed. A lender who has is licensed and legally able to lend you money will display their license directly on their website.

Look for Direct Lenders

Many of the online short-term loan companies on the Internet aren’t actually lenders. While they may advertise that they are a short-term loan company, they are merely collecting your information to send along to a third-party lender. Make sure you are dealing with a direct lender before you fill out an online application form. This will allow you to eliminate the number of companies that have access to your confidential information. You can visit MoneyBoat.co.uk to apply for a direct short-term loan to get the funds you need without worrying that your information will be passed along to others.

Make Sure the Site is Secure

An authentic lender will always have a secure website. A secure website creates an encrypted connection between their site and your web browser. It prevents online criminals from being able to steal your identity, according to Northeastern University’s Office of Information Security. Before you enter any of your information into the website, make sure that a padlock icon appears next to the website’s URL and the top of the page and that the web address begins with https://. Never override a pop-up that warns that the security certificate for the site is no longer valid.

No Credit Check

Any credible financial lender will at least take a look at your credit report. While they may not make your credit the only criteria for approval or may even be willing to overlook your bad credit, they need to at least review your financial profile. Another reason you want use a company that does credit checks is to be reassured that a legitimate agency, like the credit bureau, has conducted its own background check on the legitimacy of the company to lend you money.

Over the years, short-term loan companies have received a bad reputation because of the practices of a few rotten eggs. By doing your due diligence, you can ensure that you are working with a legitimate company that will help you in your hour of need.

Finding Hope: Financial Burdens Should be Compensated in a Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice isn’t a popular subject to discuss. A lot of the time, people simply aren’t aware how much of a danger malpractice can be because they haven’t heard how prevalent it is! In fact, at this time it’s believed that 1 in 10 deaths in the US are caused by medical mistakes and malpractice. As with any claim, it’s important to have the right representation. You need people who have experience in this field and who can get the best returns for you in terms of compensation.

Finding Hope: Financial Burdens Should be Compensated in a Malpractice Case

Figuring out what exactly you’re entitled to is where most citizens miss the mark. Let’s take a look at the different areas you could be entitled to compensation for.

Physical Damages

The obvious starting point is the physical damage caused by the malpractice. By definition, something has gone wrong with your medical treatment in this case. That might be something simple enough that it can be corrected through a quick procedure, or it may be that you need extensive work or even that you are limited in some way for the duration of your life.

Any of these situations could bring you more financial outgoings to mitigate. It could be medical costs for treatments, painkillers or other medication. Perhaps your physical limitations mean you now need to hire a carer or cleaner, or perhaps even pay somebody to help you get around. Regardless of the cost, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your losses.

Mental Damages

There’s also the mental side to consider. Physical effects and trauma from the incident itself can greatly affect our mental states. How can this affect you financially? Well, mental issues can greatly hinder a persons ability to work, and even their ability to live a normal life. Having gone in to the situation expecting and trusting they will be looked after, the patient now finds they are more damaged than before and has lost trust in care providers.

This combined with the mental effects of dealing with the aftermath can greatly limit your life. Your finances might be further stretched in dealing with this, whether it’s treatment or therapy, or whether those costs are associated in living with your mental health problems. For example, you might not be willing to leave the house, so you may need to hire somebody to help with shopping etc. Other times a patient will slip into depression and require hired help to maintain themselves and their homes.

Financial Damages

Finally we come to the obvious and most easily measured area of compensation – the financial damage. Medical bills and lost wages for time off are the two biggest areas covered. The tricky part here is in calculating future losses, because you never know if recovery is going to go as scheduled. Sometimes things go wrong and it takes longer to heal than expected.

To cover these situations an experienced attorney really helps. They can negotiate some kind of deal where your treatment itself is covered under the settlement, rather than getting a specific amount to spend on treatment. This way if recovery does take longer than expected, the bill is still being covered by the defendant. That means you can rest easy and focus on getting better, instead of worrying about the cost side of things.