Different Types of Lawyers You Might Consider Having

Occasions will arise when you require a lawyer, although it doesn’t always mean you’ve done something wrong or want to sue someone. Lawyers are helpful for a wide variety of purposes. 

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Although sometimes you might not need a lawyer, hiring one makes a lot of difference. It can even simplify processes and give you an advantage over your opponents or partners. Here is a list of different types of lawyers you might need at some point and what they do. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer deals with personal injuries caused by accidents that were either the fault of another person or a company. When injured, a personal injury lawyer can help you file for insurance claims and try to negotiate with the opposing party to settle out of court instead of going through a tedious lawsuit.

A car accident lawyer will take care of accidents cases that occurred while driving, cycling, or by any other means of transport. For a successful personal injury lawsuit, look for a lawyer specializing in the type of injury you’re dealing with.

For instance, such as a brain injury lawyer for cases where the accident caused head trauma. Medical malpractice lawyers deal with medical accidents and errors that include surgery and medication.

A Family Lawyer

Family law is divided into many sections. The most common issues handled by family lawyers are:

  • Marriage dissolution
  • Child custody and support
  • Child adoption and surrogacy
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders.
  • Division of family property

A divorce lawyer deals with cases where couples plan on parting ways and issues like alimony, child custody and property division. A family law attorney can help you file for a separation or get out of an abusive marriage. Child custody lawyers protect the interests of children in divorce cases where there are disputes over whether a parent should have sole custody or share it with the other biological parent. Child support lawyers handle cases where the non-custodial parent is either unable or unwilling to pay child support.

A Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers can either be defence or prosecution lawyers. If you find yourself in a criminal case, whether as a victim or an accused, you’ll need to work with a criminal lawyer. Public defenders work on behalf of those charged with a crime and cannot afford to hire a lawyer. 

In some cases, the person might be willing to pay for a defence attorney instead of taking the public defender option. Other times, people want a team of lawyers to get them acquitted or have their sentence reduced, or charges dropped.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI crime, you’ll need the services of a DUI lawyer who will argue your case in court by providing evidence or proof. A defence attorney may be able to help get your case dismissed or get you acquitted by proving that the police made errors during the investigation.

An Estate Lawyer

When you or your parents get older, an estate lawyer will come in handy. The attorney will ensure that everything is divided according to your will and avoid disputes amongst heirs. 

They can also handle cases where someone was wrongfully left out of a will or wants to contest it. Estate lawyers are experts in probates, wills, and trusts. 

A Tax Lawyer

If you have tax issues, you’ll need a tax lawyer conversant with your local tax laws. The lawyer will help you file for income tax returns, claim deductions, and pay your taxes on time so that you can avoid penalties or interest charges.

Creditor Bankruptcy Lawyer

A debtor may need a creditor bankruptcy lawyer’s services if they face financial difficulties and can’t meet their debt obligations. The lawyer will help the client file for bankruptcy and deal with lawsuits that affect their repayment ability.

A Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate legal issues such as buying and selling property, renting out properties, and paying property taxes are all handled by real estate lawyers. If there is any violation of the agreement terms between buyers and sellers, the lawyer takes care of the dispute. 

Business Lawyers

When it comes to financial or business matters, you can seek advice from corporate lawyers who work on behalf of companies. They also deal with contracts, mergers, acquisitions, mediation, and much more. Business lawyers help startups incorporate their business, protect their intellectual property rights, and assist them with regulatory issues.

Lawyers also help settle cases out of court before they go to trial. This saves time, money, and even the environment because less energy is spent fighting in the courtroom. They negotiate a settlement between parties avoiding going to court to get a verdict.

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