Winning the Inner Game of Money

Someone wise once said that in five years time your life will look pretty much the same apart from the books you read and the conversations you have.

Surrounding yourself with positive, inspiring people and materials is a time honoured, proven method of conditioning your thoughts, actions and ultimately results.

The Prosperity Principles are a series of  interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring people to share with you the ideas and principles which have brought them success.

By spending time with these individuals and following their lead we can learn from their successes and mistakes to shortcut our own path to success.

Please enjoy this interview with Evan Money, Best selling author and the World’s #1 Online Life Coach.

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Inspiring Your Kids to Live Their Dreams

Please enjoy this uplifting and inspirational poem – The Perfect Passion of Daniel Pon.

Written by best selling authors of The Passion Test, Janet and Chris Attwood with Teresa de Grosbois.

You and your children will love sharing the story of Daniel Pon who pusues his dreams to play basketball.

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This poem is © Enlightened Alliances 2009 & Small Shifts Books & Media Inc.

Believe in yourself and your dreams

Please enjoy this inspirational video clip.

This is the heart warming story of a young man who was a big basketball fan.

Being diagnosed with autism didn’t stop his dream of being on the school basketball team.

Usually involved as an assistant coach, watch what happens when he gets to play the last 5 minutes of the last game of the season.