Free Ebook Plus Free Access to the Happier Kids Now Online Expo

Free Ebook Plus Free Access to the Happier Kids Now Online Expo

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This Expo is a virtual event specifically designed for parents, teachers and homeschoolers on how to raise happy children and teens. It features 24 happiness, psychology and education experts including, Bruce Lipton,PhD, Marianne Williamson, Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle, Christine Carter, PhD, and many more.

Topics Include: Child Obesity, Education, Emotional Intelligence, The Science of Happiness, Self-Esteem, Vaccinations, ADHD, Teaching Kids The Power of Their Minds and so much more! Plus, Patrick’s ebook is fantastic. You will get a lot out of it and so will your kids.

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Empowered Children – providing skills for life

Super Skills 4 Kids

This inspiring home study course is a compendium of skills that will set kids up for life!

    * Is your child empowered to solve problems?

    * Do you want to inspire your child to achieve their dreams?

    * Do you want them to be independent and creatively solve problems?

    * Does your child have strategies to deal with issues constructively?

Let’s face it, we all want confident, successful, self assured young people, but it’s not always easy being a parent and trying to empower our children.

Super Skills 4 Kids is one of the most comprehensive programs on goal setting, problem solving and vision building for children. Just the toolbox alone, contains many valuable resources, and the course comes with a comprehensive Workbook, plus many exciting bonuses from our Partners.

“I love empowering and inspiring parents, but it is much more rewarding to see children learning skills that will set them up for life.” – Parent Coach, Annie Desantis

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National Money Talk Night – Free Resources

To celebrate the first National Money Talk Night we have put together a series of learning resources for parents of children under 10.

Simply sign up on the right to receive a free copy of Dreams Can Come True.

Then access the complimentary activity sheets below

activitybook UK sample

Find some time to sit down with your kids, enjoy the story, then use the activity sheets as a stimulus to start a conversation about money.

The attitudes and beliefs which begin in childhood are often the blueprint for the rest of our lives. So why not give your children the best conditioning you can by taking charge of their financial future today?

Have a great time and please share your successes below!

P.s. If you enjoyed the activities, the entire book is available in US and UK formats for children, parents and teachers.

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National Talk Money Night

September 16th has been designated National Talk Money Night, to encourage parents to start a conversation with their children about money.

For many, it can be perceived as a difficult subject to approach. As children we may have been taught not to discuss money or financial matters, therefore as adults we continue those rules. The problem here however is that bad habits or poor knowldge around money is passed on from generation to generation.

Some financial literacy education is slowly finding its way into the school system, however parents still have an important role to play.

National Talk Money Night can be a good excuse to sit down with your child and begin a conversation about money and their future plans. For parents of pre-teenagers The Financial Fairy Tales has produced a special package to make approaching the subject easy and a whole lot more fun.

We are providing parents with a free download of Dreams Can Come True, the first book in the Financial Fairy Tales series, plus a collection of activity sheets with questions and prompts.

Our aim is to make the conversations about money less daunting by providing tools and resources which make learning about money serious fun!

Sign up for your free Dreams Can Come True eBook here on the Financial Fairy Tales blog or the main website and you will also receive your activity sheets in plenty of time for National Talk Money Night on the 16th September

Promoting Self Esteem in Children

Children of all ages require self esteem to feel good about themselves, their world, and the contributions they can make to it. In order to achieve a goal, children must believe that they have the talents to realise their ambitions. More important than achievement, self esteem is also crucial to children’s happiness. Only when they are comfortable with themselves and believe that their abilities have worth will children truly feel fulfilled.

Unfortunately, self esteem can often be in short supply throughout childhood and the teenage years. At some time, nearly every child or teen will suffer from low self esteem. While this is normally a transitory experience, low self esteem can also be a plague that feels like it will never go away. Promoting self esteem among children and teens is thus of the utmost importance to ensure that they will feel talented, happy and loved.

Spotting Self Esteem issues in Children and Teens

 Children and teenagers with low self esteem will display a variety of traits, including:

• Being easily influenced by advertising or others.

• Avoiding new challenges for fear of failure.

• Becoming frustrated easily by setbacks.

• Blaming others when activities are unsuccessful.

 • Disbelieving that (s)he has any talents or special abilities.

• Feeling unloved.

Children and teenagers with a high level of self esteem and strong feelings of self worth will also display stereotypical traits, such as:

 • Welcoming new challenges.

• Tolerating frustration.

 • Taking responsibility for unsuccessful ventures.

 • Recognising and sharing his/her talents and special abilities.

 • Feeling loved, and loving others in return.

 Promoting Self Esteem Among Children and Teens

Promoting self esteem among children and teenagers is an incredibly important, and very easy, habit for parents to fall into. Staying positive and being generous with praise are two of the most important steps any adult can take to help promote a youngster’s self esteem.

 • Be loving with your child, giving hugs and kisses regardless of achievements.

• Help your child set realistic, attainable goals.

• Praise your child for the effort, not for the outcome.

• Avoid criticising your child’s performance at a given task, and instead praise his/her enthusiasm or imagination.

• Encourage your child to engage in activities due to interest, not ability.

• Do not tolerate self criticism from your child. Help him/her focus on positive points.

 • Lead by example. Do not criticise yourself in front of your children.

 • Foster a caring environment at home by dispelling sibling rivalry.

While many children develop self esteem as they grow, for some children self esteem must be nurtured and tended. Parents are at the front line of promoting children’s self esteem, and while often their opinion is enough to make even the littlest chest swell with pride, some children may require more intense therapy.

 If needed, finding a family or child counsellor in your area may be the difference between a happy, healthy child and a depressed, downtrodden child. If you are worried about your child’s self esteem then don’t delay, begin your journey to a better life today!

This article is contained in September’s Money Smart Magazine. To secure your copy click here