The X Factor and Achieving Your Goals X Factor imageLove them or love them, reality talent shows such as the X Factor are a big part of popular culture. Viewers in their millions worldwide enjoy sharing ‘the journey’ and the drama of success and failure. This   article looks at what shows like the X Factor can teach us and our children about living our dreams and pursuing goals?

After the auditions, the boot camp and the final selection, the remaining contestants are left to battle it out over 12 weeks for a recording contract and a life of fame and fortune.

Imagine being in their shoes – how would you prepare to give yourself the best chance of being successful?


Over the next  90 days or so how can you get in shape to look and feel your best? What could you do to give yourself the energy to excel as well as to gain the  confidence of looking good?

Out would go the takeaways, alcohol, sugar, wheat and dairy and in would come exercise, water, lots of vegetables and good nutrition?

Q. If your future depended on it would you get up an hour earlier and go for a run or visit the gym?


How hard would you train to work on your performance, singing and dancing? Would you hang on the every word of your mentor, would you practice,  practice and practice some more?

Q. If you future depended on it would you cut back on the TV or internet to develop your skills?


How can you build the inner confidence and self belief required for outstanding achievement? Would you stay away from the naysayers who are ready to steal your dreams? Could you find time to read inspirational materials and spare a few minutes to relax or meditate?

Q. If your future depended on it would you write down your goals and visualise yourself achieving them every day?

Few of us will ever make it to the finals of a TV talent show but the principles for success remain the same. If your future depends on it (and it does) will you find the self discipline to invest the time and effort in yourself to gain the best chance of reaching your own personal goals?

After 3 months what would your health be like if you committed to exercise and eating well? Imagine the improvements to your career, school work or business if you dedicated time to developing your skills.

And consider the benefits of focussing on your goals, seeking positive mentors and inspiration and taking time to relax or meditate every day.

Why not use the X Factor as your personal training plan to reach your own goals. In 90 days you could change your body shape, write a book, launch a business, improve your grades, learn a new skill, language, hobby or whatever is within you just waiting to be expressed.

This way when you sit down to watch other people living their dreams you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you too are on your way to living yours.

The TV finalists have a very clear, defined goal within a clear, defined time frame. You  too can take that approach and write down your measurable specific goal. State your goal using positive words and in the present tense such as:

Whilst enjoying the X Factor Final I am delighted to have completed the first draft of my book / reached my ideal weight of / sold my first product online etc.

Your personal X Factor final might be just around the corner and by investing in yourself for just 90 days you are certain to be an outstanding success.

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