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The Kids Money Club is a new online weekly interactive magazine show to teach kids great values and tools for managing money

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National Money Talk Night – Free Resources

To celebrate the first National Money Talk Night we have put together a series of learning resources for parents of children under 10.

Simply sign up on the right to receive a free copy of Dreams Can Come True.

Then access the complimentary activity sheets below

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Find some time to sit down with your kids, enjoy the story, then use the activity sheets as a stimulus to start a conversation about money.

The attitudes and beliefs which begin in childhood are often the blueprint for the rest of our lives. So why not give your children the best conditioning you can by taking charge of their financial future today?

Have a great time and please share your successes below!

P.s. If you enjoyed the activities, the entire book is available in US and UK formats for children, parents and teachers.

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21 ideas for financial literacy

Dreams Can Come True Book Review

By Derrick Hayes

Dreams Can Come True is a short story with larger than life benefits. Dreams Can Come True it not only easy to read it is easy to apply to your life and business. This book should be a must read in all schools, elementary, middle, high, college, and graduate school.

 There is something in Dreams Can Come true for everyone from the person who likes to collect items to the one who knows they will soon run a Fortune 500 enterprise.

 If you have a child or an adult in your life that does not know what they want to do in life Dreams Can Come True can help them see that what they are doing right now is either for a reason or for a season.

Dreams Can Come True is literature that has crossover appeal. No matter where you are in the world and no matter what language you speak this book was designed to interact with your soul by delivering the message that “Dreams Can Come True.”

 21 Financial Literacy Principles You Can Find In Dreams Can Come True

 1. Have a dream
2. Be Passionate
3. Find a mentor
4. Develop your hobbies
5. Family can hold you back
6. Train others
7. Work hard and you will be rewarded
8. Use proper advice
9. Help your family
10. Save money
11. Build relationships
12. Ask why they say no
13. Be persistent
14. You will not always fit in
15. Believe your thing is possible
16. Prove you are worthy
17. Develop a plan
18. Do further research
19. Find new markets
20. Complete your task
21. Determine your outcome