Selling Property? Read This First

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Selling a property isn’t quite as simple as a lot of people make out. It can be a complex and daunting task. After all, there’s a good reason why so many people hire outside help during the process!

If you’ve decided to sell a property, be it the home you’re living in currently or another property, then guides like this are pretty essential. Read on to make sure the process is smooth and gives you the best return. These are the things you must take into consideration.

The reason

Why are you selling the home? This may dictate how you’re going to sell it. You need to consider how fast you need to sell it and how much you need to sell it for. Let’s say you’re an investor. If you have the time on your side, then you can afford to wait to ensure you get the best price possible.

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Now let’s say you’re a family who are looking to move home. This, of course, is very different and even more sensitive. You’ll want to sell the place fairly quickly. But you need the best price you can get so you can afford the best house possible for your move! All this is to highlight that the reason for selling a property will determine how you go about the sale – and what results you should expect.

Getting the word out

Most people will choose to work with real estate agents in order to get the marketing done correctly for their house sale. But it’s not a process you should be completely divorced from. There are several steps you can take in order to be more proactive.

For example, writing up an in-depth introduction and description of the property will be appreciated by many customers. Using floor plans software to provide detailed floor plans along with the listing will help give people a clearer vision of the house. And you can even use social media to help advertise the property you’re trying to sell. The more proactive you get during this process, the more you may end up getting out of it!

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This can be the most sensitive part of this process. Some would say it’s the simplest; it can’t be that hard to find out the home’s monetary value, right? Well, don’t jump to any conclusions. Do your best to get to a close estimate. You should do this from a few angles. Getting a valuation by a professional home value assessor is the obvious and best step, but you can also judge the value by other means. If possible, find out the values of some of the other homes in your neighborhood. Check out crime rates and the proximity from valuable amenities, too.

Let’s say you want a good mix of a fast sale and a good price. Try this popular (but slightly risky!) tactic: find out the value, then take 15% or so off that price. It should be a tasty-looking price that brings all the potential buyers to the yard, much like the famed milkshake of Kelis. The desired outcome? These people bidding against each other. This results in the value increasing to the original value, and perhaps even further.

4 Ways To Own Real Estate

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Getting on the property ladder is becoming increasingly more difficult. Before taking the dive into real estate, it’s important to consider all your options. Here are the four major ways that you can own property.

Traditional Buying

Traditional buying is still the main route into property. This is where you buy both the building and the land. Many choose to go through real estate brokers to find property. Finding a seller direct can sometimes be cheaper, but limits options. Some agents may charge buying fees, but this is generally reserved only for sellers. In either case, negotiating the price is recommended – you should aim to haggle of 5% of the value if you can.

You can also buy property off of an auction. Auctions are also a great opportunity for flipping property – discussed later on.


In most cases, leasing property involved renting for a fixed term. This could be anything from a year or more. Some lease opportunities are more flexible than other – you may own the property, just not the land. In this instance, you may be able to make minor adjustments to the house as if it were you own. When it comes to traditional renting, hammering a nail in the wall might need permission from your landlord. Leasing is only half owning property, but is a cheaper alternative to buying and a more fixed alternative to renting. In many major cities around the world, the bulk of property is leased.


Can’t find a property that meets your criteria? You can always build your own. It can cost up to a third of the price of buying (building and buying the land included), with the option of a self-build mortgage preventing you from having to pay outright. However, it can be a lengthier and more complex procedure. Whilst hiring architects, solicitors and builders isn’t too difficult a task, buying the land is a complex procedure. Land may be environmentally protected, may have limiting restrictions set by a local planning committee or may be physically unbuildable due to the ground. Before buying always check with the current landowner as to what the current restrictions are. In most cases you may negotiate prices.


Flipping involves swapping one property directly for another, and so requires you to already own some form of property. By doing it effectively, you can earn a lot of money. Fail to flip correctly and you’ll lose a lot of money, making it a risky venture. Many who get involved in flipping property will buy property off an auction, possibly renovate it and then sell it for a profit. You can flip property without being worried about the profits however – if you want to directly swap with someone to a property that is less value but may be in a better location, you can do this.

4 Tips To Help You Buy A Property ASAP

Buying a new property can be, well it can be difficult. It isn’t making a bid or having it accepted that is the hard part; the hard part is doing all the admin. Let’s just say it can take months before you are cleared to move into a property. A quick sale can take five weeks but many last so much longer. You clearly don’t want to wait this long before you get the keys so it is time to speed up the process.

Forget The Realtor

The days of using a realtor are over. There is no need for them because they only speed up the process. You need to find a property as quickly as possible but they will take weeks to help. Sure they want to sell you a property, but they want to sell the one that is right for them. Does commission ring any bells? With the help of an online letting agent like Heather Tibbetts you can cut out the middleman and find a property in no time. Plus you can call the seller and ask them for a private viewing. This is a much quicker way to get the deal over the line.

Go Easy On The Price

Before a seller accepts the price they have to agree to it which isn’t easy. Obviously you want to drive a hard bargain but you don’t have the time. The harder the bargain the more time you waste. So it is a good idea to not haggle over pennies especially if they are inconsequential. Offer them a fair price that you are willing to pay and negotiate. If they don’t play ball tell them that you offer is final and wait for their response. There is plenty more properties on the market with owners that will accept a fair price.

Find A Kindred Spirit

It is simple – the quickest way to finalise a deal is to find a seller who also wants a quick deal. If both of your interests are aligned you will sign on the dotted line as soon as possible because it suits both parties. So, all you have to do is find someone who needs the money which isn’t too hard. Those that desperately need the money will tell you from the beginning which is clue number one. Or you can pass on the information that you would like a quick sale and gauge their reaction. It is imperative to cut a deal as soon as you find someone with the same agenda.

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Pay Cash

Possibly the quickest way to get the deal done is to pay by cash. The reason property sales take so long is because of the banks. They have to finalise the mortgage and do background checks before they sign off. The result is that you have to wait months before everything is finalised. Paying cash means you don’t have to deal with the banks, and that in turn means you can cut a big chunk off of the timeline.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a new property in no time.

Living Options: What Makes An Ideal Place To Call Home?

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Where you choose to live is arguably the most important decision of your life. It can affect the people you meet, the job you get, and your general quality of life. It’s also a huge financial decision. It’s never something to be taken lightly, and there are many things to consider before you call a place home.

There are many living options to consider. You might opt to buy a house, or rent an apartment. Some people even choose to live out of a mobile home. Other factors, such as what’s available in the area, also make a difference. Here are some of the factors which can make an ideal place to live.


Affordability is forefront on most people’s minds when they choose a home. Living somewhere beyond your means will only drain your bank account month by month. With less to pay, you’ll be less stressed and have more money for other things.

Many young people prefer to rent homes for this reason. Buying a house is a massive investment, and also involves cost such as upkeep and insurance. Apartments and rental homes often work out much cheaper in every regard.

Location can often have an impact on affordability. Some places are more sought after than others, leading to higher property prices. For affordable living spaces, you may need to look further away from busy city areas.

Local Amenities

The stores, services, and features which surround a house or apartment have a significant impact. Convenience is key, so having supermarkets on your doorstep can be a big help. Many people also enjoy having local parks and fitness centres near their home.

These features often affect the value of properties. Houses near lush green spaces and plenty of bars and restaurants will often be more expensive. Universities often build campuses to provide affordable student housing with great amenities. Housing companies often do a similar job by building affordable homes in attractive neighbourhoods. You can find various examples of these, such as

Nearby schools also make a great place to live for families. Many parents look to buy homes near the best schools in the area.


Crime is a concern for most people looking for a home. Having to insure yourself against the high-risk of burglary can be expensive. People also fear for their personal safety when walking home in some areas.

Before moving to a new home, people often do their research on sites like Although these areas can be cheap, people would much prefer to stay away from dangerous suburbs. It’s also a major concern for those raising families, as they want their kids to be safe.

Proximity To Work

People often dread the commute to work in the morning. Having to travel for hours on a train can be mind numbing. Driving during rush hours can drive commuters mad.

That’s why a home close to your workplace makes a fantastic place to live. If you’re close enough to walk or cycle, you can go to work every day in a good mood.

It also helps to be close to friends and family. Having the people you love nearby can improve your quality of life, even if you don’t have the nicest accommodation!