The Book Channel interview re The Financial Fairy Tales

The book channel interviews Daniel Britton author of The Financial Fairy Tales.

Hear his views on financial literacy and the importance of encouraging children to be enterprising from an early age.

Read more about the book at www.thefinancialfairytales.com or see our special promotion above

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  • Hi Dan, this is a very good interview, and congratulations on the work you are doing. We look forward to using your resources and directing other parents to your site.

  • Train a child in the way he should go and when becomes old he will not depart from it. I share your belief that financial concepts can be learned at a VERY early age. We just have to find CREATIVE ways to get them across. I applaud you for your efforts.

  • I absolutely share your approach, it’s so important to go beyond old patterns and foster creativiy and entrepreneurship… the earlier, the better. Great to have found you!

  • What a wonderful series of books! Children need to learn financial lessons in a fun & meaningful way. Applause!!

  • Many thanks Sarah

  • Love these books, they teach great fundamentals about money, integrity and responsibility. Great job….

  • Thanks Patty – much appreciated

  • Great interview. I loved hearing your insights about your books and why you wrote them. For those of you who haven’t gotten a copy of any one of Danie’s book, get one right now for your kids/nieces/nephews/grandkids. The message is timely and very relevant to today’s “spend now, figure out how to pay for it later” mentality. I wish my own parents had given me one of Dan Britton’s books growing up – I would have ended up being a lot smarter about money.

  • Many thanks George – your views are much appreciated

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