Prosperity or Poverty Consciousness?

I notThe Financial Fairy Tales - Teaching Kids about Money imageiced very clearly when I finally began to attract more money into my life that I had trouble keeping it. The more money I had flowing in, the more unexpected bills and events I had occurring that kept taking that money straight back out again.

I found ‘money drainers’ coming to me from all directions. The washing machine broke down, library books missing, a tooth cracked in half and I needed a crown, videos were always late, I had a little accident in my car, the dishwasher kept jamming, the clothes dryer stopped heating, the stereo blew up and even the Department of Social Security (welfare dept.) decided they’d overpaid me about five years earlier and I owed them around $7000!
As the flow coming in increased – it grew ever bigger going out! So I was still broke.

Do you have that challenge when you seem to make more, but then more bills and debts start mounting up? This is where your comfort zone comes into play.

When I realised my money was flowing out just as fast as it was flowing in, even though I had far more than I’d ever had before, I began to study what makes people LOSE all that money after they win the lottery, and what makes Millionaires MAKE all that money after they go bankrupt.
I wanted to know why some people attracted money easily, and some people worked hard but struggled financially all their life. Although it took a lot of time (and plenty of money – aahh, more debt!), I discovered some very interesting facts.

Your level of prosperity is determined by two things that you are probably blissfully unaware of! The first is whether you are programmed for poverty or prosperity, and the second is what your comfort zone around money currently is. Now the first part, your prosperity or poverty consciousness around money, can be a little bit sneaky. Your mind or brain is a complex and wondrous tool but, like any tool, it can be used or misused. It’s very much like a computer – it acts as a data storage and feedback device.
The problem is, on a conscious level you may desire money, love the idea of being rich and get excited about your financial freedom, but on a subconscious level, something is undermining your chance to live a life of richness – something you’re probably unaware of.
Much of your data input began long before you had any say in what you wanted to believe. Through the teachings, casual comments and general conversation of your parents, friends, school, religion, community, media etc. data is stored in your mind. That data then becomes your own thoughts, opinions and beliefs, unless you make the conscious effort to change them.
For instance, how often did you hear some of the following statements when you were growing up, like I did, and how often do you hear those same words coming out of your own mouth?

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees (actually you CAN cultivate your own money tree and I love showing how it’d done)
  • It takes money to make money (well, yes and no, a little money can get you started, but it doesn’t have to be your own money – plus most of my business I’ve started with a minus bank account!)
  • Money can’t buy happiness (let me tell you from first hand experience, it’s a heck of a lot more fun having money than NOT having money!)
  • Money doesn’t come easy (it can if you let it)
  • You have to work hard for your money (not in this day and age)
  • We can’t afford it (it’s better to think, ‘How can we afford it?’)
  • Don’t be greedy (there is NOTHING wrong with wanting more – the more you have, the more you can help yourself, family, friends and others)
  • Filthy rich, stinking rich (I LOVE the scent of money!)
  • How did they get so much money? They must be dealing drugs (there are thousands of ethical, legitimate ways to create wealth and I love showing others how to do it)
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer (can be the opposite if they begin thinking differently)
  • Money is the root of all evil (it’s actually ‘the worship of money is the root of all evil’, and I personally believe it’s the lack of money which is the root of all evil)

We travel through life having adopted OTHER people’s beliefs and, as I said before, often don’t even realise what our subconscious or ‘default’ is running on.

For instance, my family was not rich as I was growing up, but we were by no means poor either. We had to go without now and again but always seemed to have enough and lived quite comfortably. I would have thought I had a prosperity consciousness.

My mum and dad lived on a mountain – not an enormously big mountain, but a mountain none-the-less and they drove up and down that mountain every day. I remember my daughter coming home from their place a few years ago and telling me how it was really scary in the car with Nana and Pop because “When Pop gets to the top of the mountain, he turns the car off and rolls down the hill”. And let me tell you, he’s not doing that because he enjoys the thrill of not having total control; he’s doing it to save money on petrol! I’d totally forgotten my Dad did that, and it suddenly became clear to me; I realised that my family had a true poverty consciousness, and whether or not I was aware of it, it would be running in my subconscious too.

But wait…there’s more! A few months ago I dropped my little Landrover Freelander into the service centre near my house, and because I needed to be somewhere by a certain time I asked my Dad if he could pick me up, which he happily did. As we were driving along we got to the traffic lights, which were red, and stopped. Guess what Dad did – he turned the engine OFF! And the worst part of all was, my parents had an absolute bomb of a car. The brakes were almost shot, you usually had to try at least two or three times before it would actually start, and as you were driving along, everything that could shake and rattle did!

It was the sort of car where you couldn’t be sure if the engine would ever start again. It wasn’t the sort of car you wanted to be turning off in the middle of peak hour traffic – you could be stuck there for the next few hours!
One year when Mum and Dad came over on Christmas Day, I made them find their present through a rhyming treasure hunt. They had to work out through each little rhyme where to find the next clue until finally it led them to their present. I designed the hunt so it took them into each room and past the presents the kids had received for Christmas so they could show off all their goodies! Mum and Dad followed the trail, and as they got near the end, they found some car seat covers under the big palm tree out the front of our house. When they were opening that present my daughter gave them one last rhyme that said something like, “Oh yes of course, it is so true, look around for the colour blue” (I’m not a poet as you can see). Then I handed them a set of car keys tied with a big red ribbon.

Mum looked at the keys and thought I wanted her to get something blue out of the boot of my car. We prompted them to ‘look around’ and as Mum and Dad both looked around, it took a couple of moments for it to actually sink in that these were the keys to their new blue car which I’d parked across the road. And when it did, believe me, I thought my mum was going to pass out – she couldn’t breathe and started sobbing uncontrollably. And Dad, who does NOT cry, even had to wipe his eyes.

Mum and Dad were the talk of their retirement resort. They said it was “Like we’d won the lottery”. Word spread like wildfire and they had people coming to congratulate them and take a peek at their new car for the next month!

This is why you want to be RICH; this is why you want to create financial freedom; this is why you want to be Wildly Wealthy – because it’s FUN!  So start to change the conversation in YOUR mind through the many processes shared in my book How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST or jump on a live teleseminar with me to create a prosperity consciousness, and you’ll begin to attract MORE abundance into your life.

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