Monetizing Your Home

The technical wizardry of the 21st century has afforded ordinary people a plethora of intriguing and inventive way to make a little extra money alongside the income from their job or business earnings. Many use money making apps that allow you to accumulate pocket money through such quotidian practices as going to the gym, filling out surveys or simply doing their weekly shop. Yet more take to eBay, Gumtree or Craigslist to make money from the forgotten relics of the household that would otherwise sit gathering dust. It seems that every minute of spare time and every instrument of clutter is a money making resource in this day and age, yet many are unaware that they’re sitting on (or rather in) a potentially huge money spinner… The home.

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With a little imagination and a digital helping hand, millions of people all over the world are making a steady stream of passive income by monetizing their homes by…

Decluttering your bookshelf

A neat row of books aligned on a beautifully polished shelf can really tie a home’s look together, but a messy bookcase teeming with mismatched tomes is a borderline eyesore. Plus, how many of them will you actually take the time to reread. You may think that putting these books on eBay is the way to go, yet the online auction is not necessarily the best place to find bibliophiles, especially if you’re selling more esoteric books like textbooks. You may have far more luck selling your old university textbooks on Bookscouter.

Get paid while you vacay

If you anticipate leaving your home unattended for a period of time, join the legions of people who put their homes on AirBnB. This allows people to stay in your home for a predetermined period of time on their vacations while you go about your own. If you’re concerned about management or security there are specific and easy AirBnB management services that can ensure that your home is in safe hands while your rental income is maximized.

If you live in an apartment, however, ensure that the building management company that owns your building is permissive of this. Even if you own your apartment, you could still be in violation of your building’s conditions.

Let out your parking space

If you’ve made a home for yourself in a bustling city centre apartment, chances are you don’t own a car. Why would you, when you have your place of work and a host of amenities right here on your doorstep. Yet the unused parking space that came with your apartment will be of tremendous value to the legions of commuters out there who are sick of paying the going rate for city centre parking. List your space on ParqEx and watch the lucre roll in.

Don’t waste your space

Space isn’t an absence, it’s a useful commodity. If you have storage space like a spare room or attic space that’s currently sitting unused, it can be of tremendous interest to the legions out there with nowhere to put their winter tyres or their college age kids’ bedroom furniture. Lease your empty space out on apps like STOW It and watch that passive income roll in to help pay for your retirement!


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