Fun, Flexible Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash

Looking for fun, relatively easy ways to make a bit of extra cash? Here are three ways that it can be done, depending on your situation and interests. 

Start a side hustle

This day and age, where it’s perfectly possible to make money from your own home in a flexible way, everyone should have a side hustle. It’s a way to take something you’re good at (a skill such as writing or design) or a hobby you enjoy (such as baking or crafting) and monetise it. Since you’re the boss, side hustles are flexible and can be worked around your regular nine to five job, and as you’re doing something you enjoy it can be fun and rewarding. Having a second stream of income is incredibly useful, you could use the money you earn to pay off debt, to save up or just to live more comfortably. If you ever lose your main job and source of income, you have this as a backup plan so you can earn at least some money to keep you going until you’re back on your feet. Some people start side hustles that are so successful they can turn it into their full time job, and earn more money from it than they ever thought possible. But even if you’re just earning a few hundred a month, it’s always going to be a bonus.

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If you’re in a position where you already have some money behind you, don’t just let it sit in a bank account. If you invest wisely you can turn your chunk of cash into a lot more and grow it steadily over a number of years. Since investing tends to mean a pretty passive way of earning income there’s little hassle to you but it’s rewarding to see your money being put to work. From stocks and shares to online currencies, there are lots of different options. If you’re new to investing, it’s worth hiring a broker who can make the best decisions on your behalf. 

Gamble (with caution!)

This really should be taken with caution. Gambling can be seen as a fun way to acquire money, but should never be done as a way to earn money or try and win back what you’ve already lost. When gambling, set aside some money to spend on a set basis and when it’s gone, accept that it’s gone. You should never use money that’s set aside for bills or anything else, and see it as something that’s just a bit of fun and that you very well may lose. However, if you have some spare cash and aren’t worried about losing it, gambling can sometimes go in your favour and you can get some nice wins- and have fun in the process. Use a company that offers free bets to get you started, that way you have more chances of winning without exceeding your budget.


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