Filling Up Your Free Time, And Your Wallet In The Meantime

Filling Up Your Free Time, And Your Wallet In The Meantime - wallet and watch image

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Time is money, and often, you won’t have enough of either. However, there are some ways to utilize the time, that you’re usually on the sofa playing PS4, to gain a little more cash flow and fill out your wallet (you could even buy a new one if yours is looking pretty tired). The following are some ideas how you earn some extra money when you’re out of the office, so those Yeezys might just become your next investment.

Use Your Camera

Filling Up Your Free Time, And Your Wallet In The Meantime - camera equipment image

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Whether you use your iPhone camera, received a Canon PowerShot for Christmas, or you’re out every weekend with your drone; if you’ve got a talent for capturing incredible images, you can make money from doing so. You never know, your side hustle could become your full-time job, and you’ll never dread Monday mornings again. Start by setting up a dedicated Instagram account for your pictures, gain some interest, and build your followers; you’ll be able to gauge what pictures go down the best, and you’ll be able to develop your skills and individual style. If your front door doesn’t lead to a Swiss landscape of a mountain and lake; there’s no need to stress about it. Taking photos of your everyday environment, whether it’s a cityscape or a suburb, will give you a personal edge and your crowd will appreciate what you’re portraying.

Before you set up an online store for your work; offer to sell your popular posts as prints. You can print your photography as they’re ordered, and you won’t have to fork out a huge sum of money upfront (unless you’re getting hundreds of orders and it’s time to start thinking about quitting your job). Do a run of themed or limited edition pieces; people love to know that they own something rare, and it’ll tempt them to buy something over just liking your post. There are a ton of other ways to sell your photography skills too; for some more ideas, take a look here: https://photographyconcentrate.com/infographic-36-ways-to-make-money-as-a-photographer/.

Use Your Laptop

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Instead of watching Netflix when the weather is bad outside; you could think about getting online to earn some money instead. If your laptop or tablet is a permanent fixture on your body when you’re chilling, it could be the perfect route into getting paid. If you don’t mind filling in some surveys and answering questions about yourself, then you should read more into getting paid to do so; there a number of websites that will send your regular questionnaires and pay you cash or vouchers to complete them. You can grab a beer, sit back and earn some dollars as you type; sounds like a Thursday night well spent.

If you’re a talented writer or graphic designer; think about selling your skills outside of your workplace and setting yourself up as a part time freelancer. You could start small by seeking out any local businesses or independent online stores, and asking them if they need any content or branding help. If you keep your rates reasonable, you’ll be an appealing option for small companies who have less of a budget to spend. And, if there places you already go to, to shop or eat; you might just get a free meal or a regular discount on items, which will save you money.

You may not feel like you want to sit and work on your laptop when you’re not at work, and that’s understandable. Consider an online auction site, like eBay, and start selling the items that have been hanging in your closet for months, and that you’re unlikely ever to wear or use again. Not only will you be earning more cash; you’ll be making room in your home for all the new stuff that you’ll be able to afford.

Use Your Style

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If you’re the type of person that’s constantly being complimented on your outfits, sneaker choices, and the hats you wear, you can turn your excellent taste and style into an income. Taking regular images and blogging about them, or uploading them to Instagram, will provide a platform for you to show what you’re wearing and how you’re styling your garments. When people respond positively to what you’re doing, it’s a sign to keep going so that you’ll build up a loyal and ever-increasing following. Check out the 50 best men’s style Instagram accounts for some inspiration.

The more popularity you gain, the more notice brands and companies will take of you; this is when you’ll be sent free items to share and wear, and be paid to advertise through your chosen channels. It seems like a pretty sweet deal when all you have to do to get paid is get dressed each morning.

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