3 Common Fears Of First Time Home Buyers

It is not surprising to harbour fears about a property purchase if you are a first-time home buyer. The uncertainties you feel might result from the buying process, especially when you don’t have all the necessary information. Indeed, doing anything for the first time may feel daunting, but how well-prepared you are can make things less stressful. A UK survey discovered that about 39,000 Google searches were primarily based on houses listed for sale, mostly by potential first-timers who wanted to check what they could afford. Are you considering buying a home for the first time? If you have some doubts, you’re not alone. Here are three common fears first-time home buyers face.

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  1. Affordability and mortgage rates

Whether you can afford a home may be a fear lingering in your mind. However, it’s quite normal to have such fears. Buying a house is a huge financial commitment, and it’s important to do some assessments to determine your financial capabilities. Often, it is advisable to choose a house within your budget. Settling on a house that costs less than your budget will allow for easy monthly mortgage payments. This way, you avoid situations such as having your house repossessed if you default on your monthly payments. 

Suppose you can afford a high-end home. In that case, you still need to prepare for a rainy day. For example, if you lost your job a few months or a year after purchase, you need a contingency plan to enable you to continue making your monthly mortgage payments. Mortgage rates can fluctuate and significantly impact the cost of your home. Therefore, consulting a mortgage broker from the beginning will be best.

  1. Neighbourhood safety

Many first-time home buyers are also concerned about the safety of the neighbourhoods in which they consider purchasing a home. You may worry about crime rates, proximity to schools, business centres, and other factors that affect your overall safety, comfort, and quality of life. This concern may be even more pressing if you’re considering starting a family or already have a young one. Every home buyer wants peace of mind in the location they choose to live. It might be a waste of money to buy property in an area with a high crime statistic. You can avoid such inconveniences by researching the area before making a financial commitment to the house. If it helps, you can visit the local police to do these vital checks.

  1. Home repairs and maintenance

Another common fear among first-time home buyers is the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the home. You may be worried about the cost of repairs, as well as concerns about what maintenance projects you can handle. If you have DIY experience, that may help quash any fears about buying a home for the first time. You can also research the best professionals you can consult in case you eventually need any help with maintenance or repairs, so you have an idea of their prices and requirements in advance. This way, you can prepare adequately. 

Indeed, all these fears listed above are understandable, but doing nothing about them could negatively impact your home-buying journey. So, in the meantime, how can you alleviate them? First, a good real estate agent can guide you through the process and offer helpful information about neighbourhoods, recommend lenders, or even mortgage products. Lastly, remember to set aside funds for future repairs and maintenance.

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