Investing In A Costly Purchase? Financial Products And Techniques To Help Spread The Cost

When shopping, it’s easy to think that price is the only factor you should be considering, but in many cases paying more money for a product can mean saving money in the long run.

In many instances, investing in an expensive version of an item, such as a quality piece of clothing, vehicle or device can mean that you have to repair it less frequently and can enjoy it for longer.

The challenge this approach poses is that you need to pay a more significant amount of money upfront than you would if you bought something cheaper.

Financial products and money saving techniques can help you to fund your purchases and allow you to enjoy the benefits of buying high-quality goods. Check out these tips to help you invest in high-end products today.

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Compare Prices

Expensive purchases are an investment, so you’ll be expecting to pay a lot of money. However, you can sometimes save money by checking out how much the same item costs elsewhere. Review a selection of verified sellers to see if they can offer you a deal or a lower price. You might be lucky enough to save a considerable amount of money on your purchase, while still enjoying the same quality product. Some sellers may also be able to offer you a deal, such as free minutes with a mobile phone purchase, or free shipping on a designer clothing order. Take the time to review all of the options you have before you decide to purchase from a retailer so that you know you’re getting the best possible price.

Consider A Loan

If you’re buying a particularly expensive product, such as a high-specification piece of technology, a new car or an educational course to help you excel in life, then you might want to consider spreading the cost by taking out a personal loan. If the purchase is for your business, then you could consider a long-term business loan. This article explores the benefits of a long-term loan over a short-term one, and whether or not this option will be beneficial for your organisation.

Ask About In-House Financing Options

For some large purchases, such as expensive mobile phones or cars, merchants offer financing deals to help you afford the high upfront costs. Review these options in detail to make sure that they have a low interest rate, and offer you enough time to pay off the cost of the purchase. In some cases, you may be able to get a good deal when you finance your purchase through the seller, but it’s important that you examine the details before you commit.

Learn To Negotiate

Negotiation isn’t always an option, but for some purchases, such as vehicles and mobile phones, retailers have the flexibility to give you a deal, so you should try to haggle to get the best possible price. You might not reduce the cost by a large percentage, but with a high-value purchase, any money you can get taken off the price is worth it. Haggling successfully takes skill and confidence, but the results will be worth the effort, so take the time to learn negotiation tactics before you start.

Go Into Your Overdraft

If the amount of money you need to fund your purchase can be repaid quickly, then consider putting the cost on your debit card and taking your account into your overdraft. If you have an account with a low rate of interest on overdrafts, or you’re able to get a free overdraft for a set period of time, then you can simply pay back the money before you have to pay any interest. As such, you’ll be able to finance your purchase without paying any interest and make the most of your bank account.

Find A 0% Credit Card

Putting a major purchase on a credit card might seem counter-productive, as if you don’t pay it off you could be left with a severely damaged credit rating. However, if you find a 0% interest card and are able to pay off the balance promptly at the end of every month, then you’ll save money in the long run and actually be able to boost your credit rating. As a result, you’ll be able to fund your purchase and keep a good credit rating, all without having to pay hefty interest rates.

Financing an expensive purchase can be a challenge, but by investing more money into a high-quality product, you will save money in the long term on repairs and replacements. The most important factor to consider is the terms of the agreement when signing up for a financial product to pay for your purchase. Review all of the options available to you and select the one that best meets your needs and gives you the lowest possible rate of interest, so that you spend less and enjoy your product more.


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