A Buyer’s Guide To Property For Sale In Turkey

Property for sale in Turkey can vary dramatically in terms of how easy it is to purchase. While many Turkish nationals are happy to do business with foreigners, things can get lost in translation and, buying a property in a different country is never the same as buying one in your own. This is why working with a reputable agency and employing a competent lawyer to handle the legal proceedings is absolutely vital if you want the purchase of your new home to go off without a hitch. Make a list of things you need to do and stick to it. 

Property For Sale In Turkey For Foreign Investors

A Buyer’s Guide To Property For Sale In Turkey - Istanbul harbour view image

As things stand, foreigners require military permission before they can purchase property or land for sale in Turkey. This can cause some delays so make sure you allow enough time for this to occur. However, in essence, it’s always inadvisable to rush through sales. It allows for mistakes to be made on all sides and may leave you without some of the protections you need. If the reason you’re rushing through a sale is on your own account rather than the buyer’s then this is more acceptable, although be very sure that you’ve chosen the right property and that you know what you’re doing. 

In addition, you’ll want to employ an independent lawyer to examine everything related to the property. Do this before you’ve committed to purchase or paid a deposit. There are plenty of facilities for you to find lawyers in Turkey who speak English or have translation services. Mortgages in Turkey are offered for those foreign nationals who wish to buy houses or apartments for sale in Turkey. However, as in the UK, there are often substantial differences on interest rates and criteria so make sure to check with several banks before choosing one. Click me for the ultimate mortgage resource. There are also property taxes to be paid in Turkey and you’ll need advice on how to deal with these from your lawyer to prevent you falling foul of the law. There are restrictions on buying a property in certain areas and how much of it foreign nationals can buy. Again, it’s wise to consult your lawyer. 

Important Points About How To Buy Property In Turkey

There are as many facets and issues around how to buy property in Turkey as there are in the UK. It’s worth noting that you don’t need a residence permit to buy property, however, purchasing property doesn’t give you residency rights. Always talk to a professional about your status and how this will be affected by your intention to live in Turkey, whether it’s a part-time or full-time arrangement. 

One piece of good news is that you have the right to rent out your property at any time, so if you’re searching for investment properties in Turkey, then you’ll be legally secure. As long as there is a binding contract signed between the landlord and the tenant and the landlord pays the relevant income tax, then you should be okay. 

Something else that you should consider when you’re looking at property for sale is the issue of property deeds. Obtaining a habitation certificate can be quite complicated and time-consuming. It’s advisable to think carefully about the ramifications of buying property without habitation certificates and talk to your legal advisor about this. It can start to seem overly complicated. After all, what you were looking for was a place in the sun to escape to, not all these legal ramifications that can seem to be an impenetrable barrier.