Signs That You Are Being Scammed

More and more people are being scammed right under their noses without them noticing, it is a common part of internet life. Scammers are becoming incredibly sophisticated, they are much harder to spot nowadays with scammers using very malicious methods in order to extract money or information from you that may prove disastrous. Scams come in all shapes and sizes. They are constantly changing and adapting and thus the methods for how to spot a scam are always changing. However, there are some very tell-tell signs that a scam is occurring. This post will help you locate the signs and methods that scammers will take in order to steal from you.  However, to prevent scammers from getting hold of your information to begin with then these are the ways to spot whether you may be being scammed:

Signs That You Are Being Scammed - online scam fraud phishing image
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Being Contacted Out Of The Blue

Companies don’t often contact you randomly either through email or phone calls. This is especially true for companies that have never contacted you before. whether online, on the phone, or face to face, be wary if you are being asked for your money or any sensitive information. In this scenario, you should halt any further communication with the source of the suspicious call/email and contact the company directly. Call their number and ask if the contact you received was legitimate, but do not provide any of your details. 

If You’re Being Rushed

No legitimate company will ask you for your bank details or account information with any unreasonable deadline.  The scammers will also rush you in the process and employ a sense of fear ad use scare tactics to prevent you from making any sort of sound or rational judgment. If you are in this position immediately hang up the phone, and provide no further information. 

Being Asked For Your Bank Information

It is the policy now for banks not to ask for any and all bank information in an email or over the phone. They will never ask you for this. However, you have received a phone call from somebody posing as your bank, even if they sound legitimate, if they start asking you for your personal details or sensitive information, they are attempting to extract it from you in order to use it for malicious reasons. If at any point you become suspicious of someone saying they are from your bank, hang up and call them back from a number the official bank website has written on its ‘contact us’ page.

Hopefully, this list has been helpful and provided you with useful information on how to spot a scam when they present itself. If you believe that a scam is occurring or you notice that there is suspicious activity on your accounts then the first port of call is to report it immediately. Ultimately if you are being scammed the authorities are the best people to help you resolve your cause and begin the recovery process. There are also ways to claim back any losses that you may have experienced from the scamming such as through wealth recovery solicitors.