Teaching Your Kids To Help Their Kids Make Smart Financial Choices

Teaching Your Kids To Help Their Kids Make Smart Financial Choices - financial plan image


Money isn’t the most important thing in this world; family is. Nonetheless, your family can benefit greatly from making smarter financial choices. Furthermore, it’s never too early for the children to start learning. They will inevitably pick up habits from their parents and their grandparents. As Grandma or Grandpa, your job is to ensure that those influences are of a positive nature.

The only way to accomplish this challenge is to work together as parents and grandparents to ensure that the children get the very best support. Here’s what you can do as the most senior member of the clan to make it happen.

Lead By Example

You can’t possibly expect your children to become educators unless they’ve been educated themselves. Therefore, financial responsibility needs to start with you. Only then will it trickle down to your grandchildren.

At your advanced stage in life, life insurance should be one of the top items on your agenda. You can visit lifeinsuranceforseniorsover80.com for more info on the best deals and coverage around. Once this is in place, you’ll gain a huge sense of relief knowing that the family is in a better position. Frankly, that’s one of the best parting gifts you could ever leave.

More importantly, though, your commitment to the cause should encourage your children to employ better habits too. If that doesn’t result in a better financial education for the grandkids, nothing will.

Teaching Your Kids To Help Their Kids Make Smart Financial Choices - life insurance image


Make A Joint Investment  

Investing savings in an effective manner has become more important than ever, especially as we are living longer. With the cost of living climbing at a far too rapid rate too, building that nest egg for future years will be vital for your kids and your grandchildren. Subsequently, this is one area where you can have a telling influence on their futures.

As an older and wiser member of the family, your input can be extremely useful during this time. The best way to handle this is to be actively involved. Real estate is a particularly popular option for joint family investment. Understanding the different types of ownership, along with the other key elements, will serve all parties well.

In addition to boosting the financial futures of yourself and your children, it will have a huge impact on the grandchildren. Not only because the profits gained will have a direct influence on their lives, but because they’ll pick up important life lessons too.

Teach The Importance Of Budgeting

Even if you live a self-sufficient life, there’s no doubt that you will have encountered moments in earlier life where every penny counted. Your children probably have too, but may have forgotten those lessons now that their troubles in the past. But guess what, those difficult moments are still to come for your grandkids.

With this in mind, cutting unnecessary overspend is something the whole family should be involved in. Whether it’s using coupons for cheap groceries or tailoring broadband packages isn’t overly important. Reducing waste removes financial strain and leaves more capital for life and investments.

Embracing those improved habits is one of the greatest life lessons that you’ll ever impart on both generations. Do not underestimate it for a second.

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Encourage An Appreciation For Hard Work

No two families are identical, especially with regards to financial standing. Whether you’re rich, poor, or somewhere in between will have a major impact on many factors. Regardless of your unique situation, though, gaining an appreciation for the value of money is important for all.

Helping your child help their children to achieve this is best done through making kids work for their money. Of course, young kids shouldn’t be made to do some overly strenuous work. Still, using chores and other tools to promote the feelings of satisfaction gained from working is beneficial. And it will go a long way to aiding them through later life.

In truth, this financial astuteness also encourages an improvement to general personality too. For this reason alone, it’s one of the most important tips you could ever apply.

Be Prepared For The Worst

It’s one thing to get yourself in a comfortable situation for the moment. But what would happen if an unexpected issue occurred? As a wise head, you’d probably be ready to roll with the punches. How about the kids and grandkids, though?

If the answer isn’t an emphatically positive one, a change needs to be made. Workplace injuries, car accidents, and other issues could change a life in a heartbeat. Those impacts aren’t limited to health either and will cause financial problems. Learn about the available legal help at munley.com to help keep the whole family protected. Even if there isn’t a problem yet, knowing how to deal with those situations will remove a huge sense of fear.

Home security and similar preventative measures should also be on the agenda.In an ideal world, they’d never need to use those facilities anyway. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that your kids are aware of them. In turn, they can ensure that their children don’t enter adult life ignoring those factors too.

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Avoiding Temptations

Perhaps the most valuable lesson to teach your family is to stop rushing in to make luxury purchases. Let’s face it; clever advertisers are fantastic at encouraging us to spend money that we don’t have on things we don’t need. While life is to be enjoyed, putting ourselves under long-term stress is not an option.

Therefore, teaching the importance of organization and prioritizing is pivotal. Mortgages, debt repayments, and bills should always take precedence over personal treats. Even if your grandchildren are young, teaching them this at an early age is advised. After all, financial responsibility is a key life element that schools fail to acknowledge.

Once again, the only way to achieve greatness is to work together as a family. If you are repeating the same values that their parents are teaching, the grandkids will soon take note. A brighter financial future for the entire family awaits.

Teaching Your Kids to Take a Stand Against the Bullies in Life

Bullying is something we see in all walks of life and at all ages. The exact cause of bullying can be related to problems in someone’s life, but when you grow up into an adult you’ll realise that some people are just chaotic and spiteful. At a young age, a bully is usually formed due to neglect or bad parenting, but when someone grows older there is really no excuse to resort to playground tactics and tyrannising others—it’s just childish.

However, teaching your children how to deal with the bullies in life is going to be a key component in their development. Whether it’s bullying within the school, at university or in the workplace when they grow older, there are some basic foundation elements that will help them deal with all forms of bullying.

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Teaching them about respect

Respect is something that should be taught at a young age. Far too many parents put a heavy emphasis on respecting elders or seniors, but you should also be teaching children about respecting their classmates and even those who are younger than them. Age shouldn’t be something that sets you apart from others or something that makes you feel superior. It’s a sign of how long you’ve been on this earth, but that has no real bearing on your status over others.

We see this a lot in the workplace. A senior member of staff will try to exert his or her power in status over others, or an employer might give ridiculous orders and think they are above everyone else. While there is a need for leadership in the office, there’s a distinction between a good leader and a tyrant and this is what your child should be learning.

Seeking help

If the bullying has gone too far and your child feels like they are in danger, then it’s best to teach them to seek help. Speak to a parent, a figure of authority such as a teacher, or an older student such as a sibling. It’s best that your child doesn’t bottle up those emotions to a point they feel lonely.

Later on in life, we might experience similar bullying from our employers or people that we work with. For instance, you might have suffered an accident at work and your employers might not believe that anything is wrong with you and force you back to work. You can deal with this in the same way a child turns to a figure of higher authority—by contacting a lawyer such as Jacob Partiyeli to give you advice and help you deal with workplace bullying and also your injury.

Making a stand

You should be teaching your child not to succumb to the demands of bullies and to make a stand for themselves. If they believe that something is unfair, then they need to act on it. For instance, if they are being pushed around at school, teach them to calmly ask the bully to stop. If they see someone else being bullied, then they should attempt to help that person. While making a stand and protecting someone else can be a gamble, they can help that person in other ways such as comforting them and making friends with them.

Again, this happens later in life too. You might see an employee being shouted at or ridiculed at work because of his or her choices, but instead of joining the bullying your child should learn about respecting that person and making a stand.