Fun Ways To Make Money Online

Spending money is lots of fun, but earning it usually requires you to work, to do tasks and take up a lot of your time. But what if there were ways to have fun and make money at the same time? It is possible you know. So, what are the best ways to do it?

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Play FIFA Online

There are many ways you can make money by playing online games, and FIFA is one of them. If you’re a really good player, then playing in tournaments and winning can get you some serious cash. The winner of the FIFA eWorld Cup at the O2 Arena in London bagged £191,000 from that tournament alone. However, he is nowhere near the richest of FIFA players out there. It’s the FIFA YouTubers and Twitch streamers who are killing it. There are other routes to go down too, such as earning real-world money by selling your Ultimate Team coins on the FIFA black market. These are websites out there where you can buy Fifa 21 Coins to add to your FIFA account as well as websites where you can sell coins. 

Start A Youtube Channel

The things people watch on Youtube these days are amazing – it really doesn’t matter what you do. People make money from videos of them opening boxes, playing games and even cleaning. Whatever it is you like to do, why not give it a try, you never know what will come of it. Have a look for some inspiration online and see who’s doing well from Youtube videos. You might then see a gap in the market or something you could be doing far better. 


If you like writing then blogging can be a great way to earn a living. While it can take time to build up an audience and make some money, it is possible, and there’s loads of advice on how to do it out there. The great thing about blogging is that you can do it about anything too and it can be really therapeutic for you. 

Play Trivia

Are you good at trivia? Love to do a pub quiz? Well, you can win real money by playing trivia online. Head over to Swagbucks Live, which is free-to-play with the downloaded app, and you can win cash for simply playing a game. If you get all the questions right, you can win a grand prize.

Watch Videos From Your Phone

Are you someone who spends hours on your phone watching video after video and before you realize it, it’s the early hours of the morning? Well what if your time wasn’t wasted and you could make some money off it? Well, you can. Again, on Swagbucks you can earn cash for performing minor tasks and one of those is watching videos. There are loads of categories to choose from, so you’ll easily find one you like, then start watching videos from the comfort of your home, on your smartphone and make a load of cash at the same time! 

Can You Really Earn Money Playing Video Games?

For those that love gaming, the idea of turning this passion into an income may sound too good to be true. However, the reality is that you can earn money playing video games. In fact, there are multiple ways to make money from gaming – some of which can be incredibly lucrative.

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Unfortunately, none of these methods are particularly easy. In fact, some of these methods may require you to be particularly dedicated to the point of being utterly obsessed. If you’re a hardcore gamer who would love to make money from this hobby, here are just a few ways in which you could possibly turn gaming into an income.  

Play online casino games

It’s possible to earn money playing online casino games. Of course, this is a form of gambling, which means any income will always be down to chance. However, whilst you can’t always be certain of making money this way, you can use strategy to minimise your losses and maximise your earnings.

A great way to maximise earnings is to rely only on free games. Sites such as Slotathon.com can help you to find free slot games that don’t require you to pay to sign up. You should also look out for sites that offer free bets. These free bets are essentially free money to play with, meaning that if you lose you’ll have lost none of your own money, but if you win you’ll earn money without having invested anything.

As for minimising losses, it’s important to always have a spending limit when playing these games. By only ever betting what you can afford to lose, you’ll stay happy and not feel you’ve wasted money.

Earn cash prizes through tournaments

It’s also possible to make money by taking part in gaming tournaments. Many tournaments award cash prizes to players that come first, second and third. In the case of the biggest tournaments, the cash prizes can be as much as millions.

To win a tournament, you obviously have to be a very skilled player, which is where the hard bit comes in. If you’re not regularly topping leaderboards when playing online and playing with friends, you’re probably not going to stand much chance in a tournament. However, if you do consider yourself a pro and have been looking for a new challenge, entering a tournament could be worthwhile.

Visit sites such as checkmategaming.com to learn more about these tournaments. Don’t forget to also do your local research. You could even consider putting on a small local tournament yourself and asking everyone entering to pay a small amount to go into the winnings pot.

Record Youtube walkthroughs

Gaming walkthroughs on Youtube are hugely popular – such videos contain recorded footage of a gamer playing a game and narrating over the top. The likes of PewDiePie have become multi-millionaires through these types of videos. How exactly? By allowing ads to be shown on your videos you can make money through ad revenue – the more views you get, the more ads will be displayed and therefore the more income for you.

Because there’s a lot of competition out there, creating a hit gaming walkthrough series on Youtube isn’t easy. People watch these videos either for advice or entertainment, so make sure that your videos serve either of both of these purposes. Some of the ingredients that will help include a good quality microphone, an engaging personality and the ability to record and edit videos well. This guide at AlloySeven.TV offers more advice on how to set up a successful gaming channel on Youtube.

Get paid to review video games

You can also play video games for a living by becoming a gaming critic. As a critic, you must play video games and then write up reviews. The most well-paid critics tend to work for major publications, however it’s possible to set up your own successful blog and make money off of ad revenue.

To make an income this way, you need to be a good writer. Being able to analyse and pick apart games in an entertaining way will help you to secure gigs at major publications. Most critics have to work their way up by writing other journalistic pieces for other smaller blogs and publications first, helping to build up a portfolio that gives them credibility. You could argue that these people are being paid to write and not simply play video games, however playing games is a big part of it – you can’t review a game without playing it.

Those eager to break into this career field should read this guide at TiredOldHack.com. As with the other ways to turn gaming into a career, this can be highly competitive.

Get into video games testing

It’s also possible to make money by testing video games. Gaming developers often hire testers to ensure that the gameplay is smooth, helping to spot any bugs or glitches and iron them out. This could be a great way to play video games whilst making a regular wage.

Because testers must deliberately try to break the game in order to find faults, a level of problem solving is needed as well as a basic knowledge of programming in many cases. It could be worth taking a course in coding or having some kind of qualifications in maths and science to show that you have an analytical brain.

Testing vacancies don’t come up very often – rather than simply replying to the few ads you can find, try contacting companies directly even if they’re not advertising jobs. It’s this proactiveness that often gets people a job in testing.


5 Ways To Make Money Online – Today

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The internet has opened up a pandora’s box of ways to make money online. It has also opened up a minefield of get-rich-quick schemes and scams. These unscrupulous schemes are often accompanied by extremely clever marketing aimed at making you part with your own cash, so that you will make oodles of money in return!

So how do you know what is legitimate and what to avoid like the plague? Luckily for us the internet offers masses of information. At the touch of a button you can read thousands of reviews on businesses, opportunities and  schemes, albeit positive or negative. Try googling any opportunity you are considering accompanied by the words “is it a scam?” and see what the search engine reveals.

There are however many resources and legitimate ways of making money online. Some of which are listed below.


Websites will often pay you to take surveys, test products and shop. Businesses and brands are constantly researching whether they are offering the best service and products to their customers. This is where you come in, acting as the customer and providing feedback. Examples of such website are Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

There are also websites that allow you to advertise your own services and get paid. They are similar to bidding sites, but are services rather than products. Perhaps you sell art, provide graphic design services or design logo’s as a hobby that you could promote and sell.

Freelance writing

There is a lot of opportunity on the internet for freelance writers. Think of all of the websites you see need content writing! Freelance writing can be profitable, but you will need to build a portfolio to showcase your work, be prepared to work hard. It maybe a good idea to join Linkedin as a networking platform.

Selling unwanted items

There are many online selling auction sites and they are extremely popular and successful. When listing your unwanted items, your item has a huge international audience, which increases the chance of it selling massively in comparison to a standard website. Ensure that your unwanted items are shown to their best ability by excellent photo’s and descriptions. Make sure you pack items well and post within timescales.

Online trading

Anyone with a computer and a small amount of capital can invest and trade in the global market. However, this is not without a large amount of risk, if you don’t have the knowledge on how to trade effectively. Thankfully there is help on the internet  here, which will help guide you through steps on how to make money with global trading.

Work from home

There are now many opportunities which allow you to work from your own home. Virtual PA’s are one popular role as is administrative assistant, writer and filmmaker. As long as you have an internet connection you have the potential to fulfill these roles remotely and also flexibly as you are not constrained to the usual 9-5 office hours. You will of course need excellent time management skills, to avoid distraction and stay on task! http://credit-n.ru/ipoteka.html