Decoding The Law Of Attraction According To Principles Of Mentalism

Decoding The Law Of Attraction According To Principles Of Mentalism - statue of praying Budha image

Saying that the universe is a big place would be an understatement of epic proportions. Regardless, there are proven laws that govern how it works. The universe at first glance is tangible and purely physical. It has matter which we can see and touch and is governed by physical laws postulated by learned people. This on the outset seems simple.

However, science has a way of metamorphosing as time goes on. Take the geocentric theory of the universe put forward by several philosophers, for example. This stated that the Earth was the center of all the universe. Of course, we know now that this is not true and the solar system is heliocentric (orbiting the sun).

Similarly, we are slowly but surely drawing to the conclusion that the universe is a mental construct made up of thoughts and emotions rather than being just physical.

Reality is Consciousness

Consciousness creates reality – this is one of the more important theories of our time. Although this is nothing new or path-breaking, it has just been gathering steam in recent times. Famous physicists like Max Planck, Eugene Wigner, and Sir James Jeans have gone on record stating that “the universe without consciousness is something that just wouldn’t work”.

There are even experiments that illustrate how your consciousness shapes the reality appearing to you. The quantum double-slit experiment is one example of how your consciousness affects the material world. The result of this experiment was that scientists were able to affect the outcome just through observation. This is tangible proof that mental powers can indeed impact matter on a physical plane.

Principle Of Mentalism

The mind is a powerful device which is potent in its ability to manifest thoughts into reality. This is the foundation on which the theory of mentalism is built on.

The Principle of Mentalism is one of the 7 principles from the book The Kybalion – Hermetic Philosophy which is about the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. This is the first principle from the teachings and arguably the one that is significantly more important than the following ones.

The Principle of Mentalism according to The Kybalion is the idea that “All is Mind” – everything that happens does so as a result of your mental state. Basically, the mind is an all-powerful entity which controls every facet of your existence.

The Law Of Attraction

Decoding The Law Of Attraction According To Principles Of Mentalism - law of attraction image

The law of attraction states that any person has the ability to attract what they focus on with enough mental clout. This effect is above age, religion, or place of birth. This is also considered a universal law – meaning it purports itself to be a governing force within our reality.

This is another significant idea which also has its foundation on the untapped strength of the human mind. Whatever you see in your mind’s eye can manifest your reality – so you need to keep your thoughts positive and in the zone where you want to be.

The law of attraction was first taught to man by Buddha who said that “what you have become is what you have thought”. Another aspect of the law of attraction is that you get what you give out to the world. While you might not have known it as explicitly named so, there are several times when we have encountered it in our lives. To find out more about manifesting with the law of attraction here is a great guide.

Principle Of Mentalism and Law Of Attraction

There are several things that overlap between the two ideologies. So much so that some people believe that they are just different packaging with the same idea inside them. They aren’t quite the same but are built on a common foundation that mental powers fuel reality. If you think good things, you will get good things – this is straightforward enough.

According to the Principles of Mentalism, the Laws of Attraction check out – if you put your mind to it, you can and usually will achieve what you want. There are lots of resources that prove people who remain positive in times of stress have generally better health.

What we need to do at our end is to make sure that we are focused and ready to accept the positives that are about to happen to us. The important concept here is that you need to visualize yourself overcoming obstacles and getting to your goal.

In summary

The law of attraction has worked, and there are several people who have made their millions based on this. The most important thing these celebrities teach us through their interviews is that they too had to start someplace, far away from where they were now. A lot of them talk about the method of visualization as a prime factor to get what they want from life. It is important to “know” that you are a success before you hit the big time and eventually you’ll land up on the red carpet.