How to get your child organized for school.

Kids are a beautiful creation. Most parents will admit that a day without their mini human beings is quite boring and dull. Nevertheless, as much as they brighten their world most of them generate chaos and disorganization wherever they go. Which is why parents should ensure they help their kids get organized for school. Doing so is key to helping them do well not only academically but also in life which is why we put together a list of tips to help parents get their children organized for school.

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Daily planner

One way to get kids ready is to ensure they are aware of the events, deadlines, and appointments that they will have from the first day of the term to the last one. That helps ensure that they prepare mentally for any teacher appointment, educational event and also the closing day so they can work towards better performance. Besides recording what will happen during the school term or week encourage them to write about their day at school to help them with their memory. Additionally, if they write about what their day was like you will be able to know how their life in school is like, whether they are being bullied and also what they think of their teachers. The best way to do so is by giving them a daily planner in which together with the parents, they can record this information and be looking at it whenever they need to remember what’s required of them. There are many daily planners out there, but none meets that purpose like toad diaries. It can be customized according to fit your child’s needs and comes in various sizes and cover design so it can make the planning process more fun and memorable such that when your kid forgets something they can quickly remember to look at their diary.

Prepare them for the next day using Sticky notes

No matter who their parents are or where they come from, most kids have one thing in common, and that is they are hyperactive. That means, they quickly forget things and they rarely concentrate on one task. In respect to that, it is easy for them to overlook what you helped them record in their toad diary and make their day go south. However sticky notes can help prevent such occurrences. Asking them to write a reminder for the next day’s activities and lessons prepare them for what is in store while at school and prevent them from losing focus.

To act as a reminder, ask them to stick the notes on the mirror, table top protector, doors and more importantly on their desks while at school to ensure that they stay organized and focused on their studies.

Whether they have a spelling test, an academic contest or games, recording all these in a sticky note will help them remember whenever they see it sticking out on their desk and as such prepare for it.

In addition to the sticky notes, ensure they are ready for the next day by monitoring them as they pack their bags every evening after they are done with their homework. Ensure that whatever they need is in there, so they don’t forget to bring it to school and cause them a rough day with the teachers.


Another way to ensure that your child’s day at school runs smoothly is by making sure that their assignments come home and they finish them in the evening. They should begin with the tough ones so you can help them out if they need assistance and then leave them doing the rest. Also be sure to check out the previous day’s homework to see whether it made it to the teacher’s desk. Also, create a specific study area where they cannot be distracted by the television or other kids in your house to help them concentrate.

Praise them

Don’t just scold your child whenever they fail to be organized instead try and look at the situations when they get it right and praise them for it. Praise them for finishing their assignments on time, when they manage to create their sticky notes on their own or write about their day in their toad diary. Praising them continuously will encourage them to be more organized but criticizing will only make them afraid of you and no parent wants that kind of relationship with their child. http://credit-n.ru/forex.html

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