4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Fleet Vehicle

Our fleet vehicles are the lifeblood of our business. It is imperative that we give them the best treatment and care, so they can perform to their best every day.

The importance of having the perfect vehicle for your fleet was highlighted by a recent study which found that a fleet vehicle with more than 100,000 miles on it has an 80% chance of reaching 300,000 miles or higher.

If you find that your fleet of cars and trucks are high-mileage and due for maintenance, you should look into some quality options at an affordable price.

4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Fleet Vehicle

Before buying a car or truck for your fleet, there are a few things you should consider. By following these principles, you will increase the chances of finding a new vehicle that is economical and has a longer lifespan.

Vehicle purchase decisions have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. You need to be sure that you have done your research and carefully considered what features are most important to your company’s driving needs before purchasing any type of vehicle for your fleet.

With the rising number of new car options in the market, it’s time to consider what you really need and how much you can afford before purchasing a new fleet vehicle.

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1. How much does each driver spend on gas?

There are several factors that go into how much a driver spends on gas including the distance to drive, the number of miles per gallon, and the cost of gasoline in their area. Of course, electric vehicles are now also a consideration, as are hybrid ones.

2. Should you lease or should you buy?

The decision to lease or buy a new fleet vehicle is an important one. It should be made with careful consideration of the company’s needs, including how much it will cost to maintain the vehicle over its lifetime.

3. Look at the overall cost of ownership and maintenance of different makes in comparison with each other

Which vehicle option is the best value for your money? The cost of ownership and maintenance of a car or truck can vary significantly depending on the make. It’s important to know these costs – servicing, replacing truck tyres, replacing various other parts – before deciding which vehicle you should buy.

4. Consider how often you plan on replacing them in comparison to when they will need an expensive repair or replacement

As vehicles get older, they start to require more maintenance and repairs. To avoid spending a lot of money on vehicles in the long run, it is a good idea to buy a new one.

Replacing an old car or truck with a new one can be costly for fleets. They have to account for the depreciation in the value of their previous car and they would need to put money aside for future repairs. But if fleets invest in a new vehicle that may cost them less than what they would have spent on their old one, then that is an obvious choice.

Are You Struggling With Car Maintenance? Here Are Some Tips for You

Getting a car makes it easier for you to move around. However, most people already understand how car value depreciates, and you have to put in the work if you want to have the same car for the longest time.

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Based on how expensive cars are in the market, maintaining them is less costly than buying new ones frequently. If you are struggling to figure out the best car maintenance methods, here is what to do:

Wheel Repair

Repairing or replacing your car wheels can go a long way to ensuring you stay safe on the road. You can decide what company to use once you learn more about it on a website or advertisement posts. 

Some companies are better than others at these services; therefore, enough research should help you hire the best one.

The wheels you go for are also determined by the material used to make them. Wheel repair and refurbishment companies can have alloy or other metallic materials. It would be best to research customer reviews about different wheels to determine the right quality for your car.

Conduct Safety Checks Before Using the Car

Everyone knows that once you get in the car seat, the essential thing is to fasten the belt before driving off to wherever you want to go. However, a seat belt is not the only safety check you need to do.

Checking the fluid levels and the tire pressure is essential to making your vehicle safe for use. The liquid level should be enough for a to and fro journey if an emergency happens and you cannot get another refill.

Taking your car for checkups in the garage once in a while is also an important safety check. It ensures that you understand its condition before using it for travel.

Replace Wiper Blades

Noticing when your wiper blades get worn out can be easy since they may start working at a reduced speed. It could also be challenging to make them flick from one side to the other. Some drivers also notice a problem with wiper blades when the blades do not clean efficiently.

Replacing the blades can save you the struggle of handling defaulted ones. You can visit any store with auto parts to acquire quality wiper blades that function correctly.

Cleaning Your Car Regularly

Car washing has to be the most regular thing car owners and drivers do. It should not be a surprise how quickly cars get dirty. Most people add carpet squares in the back seat to help you keep the inside area clean for a while.

Having trash in your vehicle is normal; the only thing you have to do is remove it regularly.

Vacuuming your car seats and floor can remove dust and make it leave it with a fresh smell. It would be best to clean any part of the car where the nozzle fits, including the peddle area.


Car maintenance requires discipline and commitments. Most people do not get much time to do this stuff during the day, and outsourcing the services saves the day. If you are committed to moving around in a clean car, you will do everything to maintain its value.

How To Help Your Loved One If They Are A Car Accident

If your loved one is involved in a car accident, it is important to be there for them as they might be struggling with their mental health. Whether or not they have incurred physical injuries, it is common to deal with anxiety or stress after the event of an incident. Therefore, it is useful to know how to help them. On that note, here are the best tips for helping your loved one when they have been involved in a car accident.

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Get legal help

When your loved one has been involved in a car accident, the last thing they might want to do is talk to someone. They might want to deal with the issue alone. However, it is essential to get legal help so that they get the help that they deserve. After them being involved in an accident, there are many different types of lawyers that you might consider. However, it is best to ask for help from a car specialist so that you get them the best help that they need.

The most incredibly talented car accident lawyers will help you and your loved ones after the event, to ensure that you receive the medical help and compensation that you deserve.

Listen to them 

Although your loved one might not want to talk straight away, they will want to talk eventually. No matter if it was their fault or not, it is a lot to process. Therefore, it might take them some time to open up and tell you exactly what happened or how they are feeling. 

When they are ready to talk, make sure to be there for them. If you don’t listen, then they might not have anyone else to turn to. Showing them that you care and want to listen to them will help them open up and find someone to trust. It can help improve their mental health by opening up and sharing their emotions. When they share how they are feeling, make sure to give gentle advice to help support their emotional needs.

Be patient

On the topic of your loved one taking time to open up, it is very important to be patient after they have been involved in an accident. Although they might not realize it, it might have caused them a lot of stress, which could cause them to act or speak negatively towards you. 

Make sure to be kind back to them and let them let off steam so that you don’t upset them further, as it can further deter their mental health.

Keep an eye on them

If your loved one is being quiet (or even seems fine) it is important to keep a close eye on them. Doing so will ensure that they are okay and means that you can give them help when you think they need it. 

They might think that they don’t need help. But as an outsider, you might realize that they do. Hence, you can take action and help them recover in the best possible way.

5 Sneaky Ideas For Cutting Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance is one of those things you hate to pay but can’t avoid. You need to have car insurance to drive your car on the road, but it can be painfully expensive. Certain factors influence the costs that can’t be changed by you at all. For instance, your age and gender will play a huge role in how costly your premiums are. Younger drivers tend to have higher premiums because they present larger risks, as do men. 

Having said that, there are plenty of other factors that can be influenced by you. Here are some sneaky ideas for cutting car insurance costs:

5 Sneaky Ideas For Cutting Car Insurance Costs - couple driving an old car
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Become a more cautious driver

Does this mean you have to drive everywhere at a snail’s pace? No, it means you start driving with a bit more caution and sense. Avoid speeding all the time, don’t get distracted while you drive, and certainly, never drive while under the influence. Cautious drivers have cheaper insurance premiums because, guess what, they get into fewer car accidents. Car insurance providers see this squeaky clean record, recognize the driver is not a risk, and provide a cheaper premium. 

Avoid making insurance claims

Speaking of insurance providers and car accidents, the number of claims you make will impact your premium. Claiming compensation will mean your premium increases. This is simply because car insurance providers don’t actually want to provide you with compensation. It’s money out of their pocket, so they’d rather not give it to you. To compensate for this, they will charge a higher premium for people that keep on making claims. In their mind, if they have to keep forking out cash, so should you!

Furthermore, insurance providers often give people a no claims bonus. Effectively, for every year you’re with the provider and don’t make a claim, you get a bonus, lowering the cost of your premium. So, what should you do if you get into an accident? Instead of claiming through your insurance, it is better to find compassionate car accident attorneys that can handle things for you. By making a legal case, they can help you get compensation while protecting your no claims bonus!

Drive less

The more you drive, the more expensive your car insurance will be. Yes, this sounds ridiculous, and it’s another insight into the crazy psyche of the insurance provider. In their heads, people who spend more time driving will have more opportunities to be involved in accidents. It kind of makes sense, but it’s yet another reminder that car insurance providers really aren’t your friends. 

So, if you drive less, you present yourself as a lower-risk driver. Therefore, insurance providers will give you a lower premium. The more miles you have on your clock every year, the more your premium will increase. If you work on decreasing these miles, the opposite will happen. 

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Change your car

Some cars are much cheaper to insure than others. This is down to a series of factors, such as how expensive the cars are to repair or replace. Sports cars are also very expensive to insure because they’re really fast and therefore more dangerous. The larger the engine, the more costly the vehicle tends to be to insure. 

On the other hand, smaller cars with less powerful engines are the cheapest cars to insure. This is because it doesn’t cost too much to repair or replace the parts, and they are generally lower-risk vehicles. 

Add another driver to your policy

This one is for the younger people out there who have just passed their test and started driving. You’re probably comparing insurance quotes and wondering how on earth you can afford anything. As a young and new driver, your premium will be expensive. 

To counter this, you can add another named driver to your policy if they are going to use the car as well. A more experienced driver will be able to lower your policy as the insurer goes oh, okay, there’s someone responsible driving this car as well. You can only do this if the other person is going to drive the car as well as you. It is a form of fraud to name someone else on your insurance policy if they aren’t driving your car. 

To sum it all up; drive sensibly, avoid making insurance claims, spend less time driving, choose a more suitable car to insure, and add another driver to your policy. Do all of these things, plus the obvious tip of comparing quotes from different providers, and you will cut car insurance costs. 

How To Understand Car Depreciation

Depreciation affects nearly everything, and for cars, it can be very critical when you want to resell. Once you drive a car out of the car lot, its value depreciates alarmingly. Experts estimate that brand new cars depreciate by up to 20% when they are driven from the dealership to the home. There has been quite a misconception about car depreciation, and this article aims to bring a level of understanding of the whole issue.

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Understanding Depreciation

Depreciation is the term that refers to the difference in the value of a car from the time you buy it to the time you intend to resell it. Studies from CAP Automotive indicate that average depreciation costs as much as three times what you spend at the petrol pump.

Although the depreciation level varies from makes and models, generally, the range is between 15-35% in the first year. By the third year, depreciation rises to 50%. According to motoring cost experts, it is better to choose a car that retains its value than focusing on fuel economy. This means you may recoup much more if you decide to sell your car.

What Affects The Rate Of Depreciation?

Different things affect the depreciation of a car, but here are a few of the general reasons why some depreciate more than others.


This refers to the number of miles that your vehicle has been driven. In essence, the more miles you have on your car, the less value your car holds. The average mileage is about 10,000 per year.


Cars come in various grades of quality, and some are more reliable than others. Based on usage, experience, expert reviews and others, some cars for sale have built a reputation of reliability over the years. So, for instance, a Mercedes may be more reliable than a Toyota.


The more owners a vehicle has had, the more unreliable it seems. This is because if it is assumed that if it were durable, it would not be sold as much. So the fewer owners a car has, the better.

Overall condition

This plays a vital role in the ability to resell your car. Any damage to the body, exterior, interior, or malfunctioning features will definitely decrease your car’s value.

Service history

You should ask for the service history complete with receipts as it is a very important detail before purchasing a car. The service book must also indicate that all servicing was done as recommended by the manufacturer. With this, you can tell how often or what fixes the car has undergone.

Length of warranty

This ensures that any resell goes smoothly; most people are quite sceptical when it comes to warranty. Three is a good deal, but some manufacturers are now offering up to seven years which can really aid the sale of your car.

Tips to reduce depreciation

understanding car depreciation - car cleaning image

Even though depreciation is bound to occur, there are a few things you can do to slow down the rate. Firstly, try not to exceed the average mileage. Also, service and maintain your car regularly and desist from making race modifications. Lastly, sell before the new models are released.