5 ways to make money on a car lease!

When you are preparing to turn in a lease, always remember to make the right decisions. It would be better to educate yourself on car lease options so you know how to get a substantial cash back on your lease. The extra cash you get can offer you a down payment for buying another car or can be used to apply for a new lease. Here are five ways to earn some cash on a lease.

5 ways to make money on a car lease! - new car image

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Go for the right car

All cars lose substantial parts of their value over the first few years of service. Car leasing companies basically use this anticipated rate of depreciation to determine the value that a car will be worth when the lease ends. The residual value depends on the model of the car. The crystal balls that the leasing companies use to determine the value are usually very accurate. However, if your leased car maintains more value as opposed to the expected one, you stand a chance of earning some money at the end of your lease.

Take all numbers into account

Most consumers will focus on only three numbers when leasing. However, you need to account for other numbers if you want to have a potential for money back when the lease ends and if you want to keep your pocketbook safe. Do not focus on the monthly payment alone. Just like when you would be buying a car, you focus on the total cost.

It would be good if you arrange for a discount from the set selling price. Experts also advise that you only discuss the residual value after the sales price is determined. The aim here is to ensure that you end up with a residual that is going to be lower than the actual trade-in value of the car when the lease ends.

Watch the miles

The mileage on a leased car is just like a two-edged sword. A mileage cap will be set in the leasing terms, therefore, you will have to pay extra cash for extra mileage covered when the leasing period ends. It is important to keep to the mileage cap, though there is no guarantee that a low mileage will maintain a high value for the car. Despite this, note that the vehicle`s trade-in value might be higher as compared to the lease residual value. This means you will be walking away with some cash.

Take care of your leased car

Treating the car with tenderness may not guarantee you cash back but it is a sure way to increase your chances of getting a cash back on your lease and also avoid unnecessary expenses at the end of the leasing period. Dealers will allow for a specified level of wear and tear. If you keep the car in a good condition than expected, the trade-in value may obscure the car’s residual value. This way, you stand a chance to receive a cash back.

Shop around for the best deal when the leasing period comes to an end

As your leasing period ends, it would be wise to begin evaluating the car`s trade-in value in order to know if you have equity in excess of residual value. In case the trade-in value of the car is notably less than the residual value, it is better to take it back to the dealer. In case the trade-in value is greater than or equal to the residual, it would be better for you to begin shopping your car to various dealers in order to determine the one who can offer you the highest amount.

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