The Best Apps for Managing Your Finances

Smart-phonesDid you know that the smallest national bank note ever released was issued by Romania in 1917 and measured a miniscule 27.5 x 38 mm? That’s over four times smaller than a credit card! How easy would it be to lose track of that in your wallet?

Whilst we can’t actually say how the Romanians coped with this tiny currency, the question got us thinking: what is the best way to keep track of your finances today? Pen and paper may still be the answer for some, but for those with a technological bent, apps are a pretty nifty way to go. Convenient, portable, and sometimes surprisingly fun, they provide a great way to monitor your spending. Here we present some of our favourites, but as always we’d love to hear your recommendations.



iPhone, Android, Windows Phone


Have you ever wondered how much those morning coffee breaks are costing you? Now you can find out with Toshl’s free finance app. Great for keeping track of those little expenses, simply enter in the amount you’ve spent, tag it to a certain category, and watch as all those guilty purchases add up. Toshl can also help monitor your budgets and remind you about bills, and since it’s programmed to accept any currency Toshl is a truly international app.


iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry


For the entrepreneurial, or simply for the curious, Bloomberg offers a range of apps for monitoring financial news. Their apps will deliver the latest market data direct to your phone, helping you keep up to date with your investments through handy graphs and bulletin news stories.

Meter Readings

iPhone, iPad


Meter Readings has been praised by users all around the world, and we’re no exception. We all know that monitoring our meter readings closely can save us heaps of money, but the work involved puts many people off. This app aims to take away that hassle. Just enter in the details from your most recent bills, and from then on whenever you enter new meter readings the app will tell you how much energy you’ve used, and what you’ll be charged for it. Plus for those who prefer their data displayed visually, the app will also generate graphs to show how your usage has changed over time.


iPhone, iPad, Android

£3.10 (lite version available for free)

A great app for monitoring your overall financial health, PocketMoney allows you to track your cash flow and set up budgets, displaying all your savings, accounts and investments clearly in one place. Password protected to keep your personal information safe, the ‘lite’ version is a great way to test this smart little app for free.


iPhone, iPad


Make sure you never make a late payment again with the BillMinder app. Set up reminders which will alert you even when you’re offline, and track your expenses over time with graphs and charts. One nifty feature is that you can set up your account to sync with other people in your household, so everyone will know when the bills are due.