Money Course For Teens

Has There Ever Been a More Important Time For Young People To Learn About Money?

The majority of young people today face financial challenges and responsibilities that are unique to this generation.

Consider the prospect of massive student debts for example, or the ease of access to online gambling sites or pay day loans that enable the unaware to quickly get into serious and long lasting financial difficulties.

Add in the cost of housing, the responsibility for pension choices and an ever changing economy & job market, the necessity for fair, unbiased financial education is greater than ever.

Money Course For Teens - helping young people learn about money image

This is why we have created a fun, practical video based money course for teens at The Personal Finance Academy.

Because we want to share this information and training with as many young people as possible we are making this available at No Cost – here’s the link Personal Finance Acacademy

Please take advantage of this free training for young people today and share with your friends and do let us have your feedback

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