Can We Help Children Decide On A Career Based On Their Skills Alone?

Do you remember when you were at school? People would ask you what you would want to do when you grew up. For many, they know exactly the answer. They knew that they wanted to be a doctor, a business person, an astronaut, a singer or dancer. No dream was unreachable at that age, and we encouraged children to believe that they can and could do anything they wanted to. However, as they get older they tend to lose that certainty at some point, and start to feel less sure about a career choice. There are, of course, children that remain certain and go on to do exactly that career. Which lead me to think of if there was another way of figuring out what sort of career would be ideal for someone while they were still working through the education system. I believe that looking at the natural skills we can all develop, it should be able to highlight a career path that would suit us well. Which, if identified at an early age, could help people consider what they want to study, the career they want, and who knows? Maybe even stop the problem of people being out of work for so long. Here are some of the most common skills and traits many of us can have with some career options that might suit.

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Are they good with numbers?

Maybe they are good with numbers, perhaps having an eye for patterns, projections and forecasting solutions. Maybe they are skilled at maths, love a puzzle or just simply have a knack for numbers. Then a career in finance could be the option. People can study this subject through school and university and can go on to obtain an online masters in finance to finish their learning journey. They could become a maths teach or tutor, an accountant, an economist or a scientist, to name a few of the professions.

Are they creative?

Maybe they are creative, then perhaps a career in the arts might be more suitable? Painting, decorating, creating crafts, acting, and singing, they can all form possible careers for someone who happens to be creative. Being creative can also mean you have a flare for the written word, so being able to write captivating pieces of script, articles from a journalistic point of view or offer you tips and advice in a relateable format. Being a writer, whether that is books or online, can be a very rewarding career to be involved in.

Are the analytical or technology driven?

Finally, do you find that they are analytical or technology driven? Perhaps they love being involved with computers, learning how they work or developing code for creating websites. Maybe they are particularly good at analysing a situation, assessing risk factors in everyday life or seeing a pattern where other might struggle. Then there are plenty of career options including something digital based where you create websites, maybe investing or learning how to fix things, or maybe just becoming an analyst in a specific industry.

I hope that this has given you some insight into how we can help the next generation figure out what their careers can be much sooner.

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