4 Ways The Internet Can Solve Your Cash Problems

4 Ways The Internet Can Solve Your Cash Problems - dollars and phone image

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If the internet has done one thing it has ramped up our accessibility to extra cash, and who doesn’t want or need a little bit of extra cash. After all, we tend to be one dollar short of our bills at the end of each month for the simple fact that we all live to our means.

The reasons why we may want to make a little bit extra are almost infinite. It could be that we want to pay down debts before we get stung hard by the interest rates, perhaps an injury is keeping you out of work, your emergency fund was suddenly hit by a car maintenance job, or you want to put that little bit more into your retirement fund.

Whatever it is, we have done the due diligence for you and come up with the best ways to make money online and help you make that little bit more:

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Survey Taking

More and more people are using the increased demand for data to their advantage, namely by making money in their spare time. Seriously, the world has gone absolutely nuts for data, and businesses will do anything to better understand the average consumer, which is where you come in and, more crucially, where this list of paid surveys comes in. All you have to do is tick some boxes or answer questions, maybe even test a product or two and, voila, you can earn a little bit of extra money to go toward your debt repayments or whatever you are using it for. Simple and effective.

No-Risk Betting

It’s also called matched betting, and it is arguably the easiest way to make substantial money (without robbing a bank or a friend’s ISA). The way it works is relatively simple: you take advantage of those free bets you always see being offered by betting shops and then ‘matching’ them at an exchange. That’s what makes it risk-free. Twice over. Not only are you betting for free, you are also betting for and against a certain outcome. Big money to be made once you get the hang of it and, yes, it is totally legally before you ask.

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Just Search The Web

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and that certainly seems to be the case with Qmee’s idea, which has made making a little bit of extra money online almost as easy as breathing air. All you do is install the Qmee add-on to your web browser and then browse the web as you would normally. You just conduct a search and every so often, what will happen is, a sponsored result may appear with a cash reward attached to it. If you’re interested, well, click and collect. Yes, the rewards may be tiny, but for doing nothing new that’s a good deal, as is the fact you can cash out whenever. Yup. no minimum amount needed.

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Test Sites

So you know your way around the web, huh? Well, why not turn this into a nice little money spinner (maybe even go pro with it) and browse the web full-time. You think we’re joking, don’t you? We’re not, and UserTesting will support us. This is a new type of platform and what it does is allows people to review websites, loads of websites. It takes about 20 minutes to do a review and, in return, you’ll get $10 dropped into your PayPal account. That’s it. Simple.

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